Japanese Earbuds: It’s an Earbud Heaven

Yeah it’s time for a novelty post. 

My lovely friend Clare picked up some Japanese cosmetics (my bi-annual haul!) which I review eventually. She also went to the Daiso store for me and picked up a LARGE selection of…Earbuds. 

I bloody love earbuds. It’s a sick obsession. My favourite are the skinny Muji ones, which are lint free so you don’t end up with hair everywhere. I do everything with earbuds. I clean me ears, I remove eyeliner, I clean everyone else’s ears, I clean H’s nose, I clean my phone etc etc I love EARBUDS. 

Who knew they were such big business in Japan!

Japanese Earbuds It s an Earbud Heaven
Seriously, getting this assortment was rather exciting to me! 

First up this pack has very slender white ear buds (or q-tips).  These are similar to the Muji ones I like as they are really handy for cleansing (you do have to be careful not too stick it too far up…anything as they are so thin). Really good for cleansing things too. 

Japanese Earbuds It s an Earbud Heaven 1

These cotton swabs (sorry I keep changing what I call them!) are white, and have a ridged effect on one side, for scooping out ear wax, and on the other side is a small, slightly chisel tipped end which is quite handy. They are also STICKY! Yeah! For getting all that wax out or whatever dirt it is you’re trying to remove. 

Japanese Earbuds It s an Earbud Heaven 4

These are similar to above – they are sticky (it doesn’t feel uncomfortable to use) but the ridges are more like lines across the swab and it’s also more plastic so be careful using them. 

Japanese Earbuds It s an Earbud Heaven 3

To be honest I found these no better than regular swabs!

Japanese Earbuds It s an Earbud Heaven 6

Finally these ones are wet (which is actually quite good for cleansing) and come in foil packs. You can use both ends too (less waste). As you can take these out individually and it is very hygienic these are one I keep in the handbag. 

Japanese Earbuds It s an Earbud Heaven 5

Come on! Does anyone else have an ear bud obsession!!??
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    • Row says

      Hi Rebecca

      I know it’s a tragic obsession 😀 the sticky ones are really weird I think they might be good for cleaning!