Japanese Crafted Make Up Brushes: Tesshyu Collection Double Ended Make Up Brushes Review

Every now and then, I buy something that becomes my pride and joy. Previous pride-and-joyers include:

1) My first Mulberry Bayswater Bag

2) My Gameboy

3) My Macbook

4) A first edition version of The Usborne Detective Guides!

And now…these beauties!

Tesshyu Collection brushes are by Mr Tesshu Takemori who is a brush artisan. He personally chooses the materials to make his brushes which (the website says!) are crafted by his hand with care.

Oh yes – Tesshyu brushes are EXPENSIVE!


But then again, you get what you pay for.

Tesshyu brushes comes in two lines, the M Line Series (what I have here – a compact travel range) and a standard set. The M Line is cheaper than the standard line but also more up my street because I love having everything in one place.

There are only 5 brushes in the M Line range – a powder and blusher brush, 1 double ended eyeshadow brush, 1 double ended brow brush, 1 double ended lip brush and finally, a pouch.

I bought the brow and eyeshadow brushes:


These are not remotely flimsy – as soon as I got them out of the packet I could feel the quality of the brushes; heavyweight, well made, no hairs out place. The brushes you have to pull out and clip back into the base (held in by magnets)…

Clever stuff.

Here are the instructions! It’s quite good because you can check the brush is protected in the barrel before you push it back in:


The construction of these eyeshadows is extremely high; no complaints there.

Each of these brushes I bought are double ended so you can pretty much manage to do your application in one go.


I bought the brow brush, not because I even use brow products a lot (I don’t really need more pigment!) but because I thought these would be good multi functional tools and they are. They are good for eyeliner, eyeshadow and even the lips I think:


Those brushes are lovely and firm which I like in a good eyeliner/brow/lip brush.

The eyeshadow duo has a fluffy brush for blending and a firmer brush of patting the colour on. I like how all the hairs look different – it seems like they really have taken the time to pick out the best hair for the job, not just gone for what looks uniform:


Another view of the fluffy brushes – it’s dense but also great for blending at the same time:



What a gorgeous brush range and already my pride and joy – I have to be careful not to lose these!

I really love how well made they are, the bristles, the convenience of it. I paid about £26 each for these brushes so really, no, they aren’t astronomical but they aren’t cheap. I guess you could say that you get 2 brushes in one so it’s only £13 each?!

Check out the range here. I bought these from adambeauty.com but they are sold out now so you may need to look on eBay.

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  1. says

    thanks for reviewing these! I’ve seen these brushes in stores before but since they don’t have samples out I didn’t know how the quality was. Intriguing; I’ll have to take a look at the eyeshadow brush sometime.