Japan Haul featuring Love Clover, Addiction, Canmake, Kiss and SANA!

My lovely friend in Japan helped me out with a haul – yep, about twice a year (I think!) I get this urge to try out make up from Japan which isn’t that easily available. We had a bit of a disaster with nail polish (apparently you can’t send them via airmail) but we got there in the end!

Love Clover Marshmallow Fit Foundation Base Powder

I have had mixed results with Love Clover (from B&C Labs) products but I noticed their base items tend to offer very good pore coverage!  I also noticed they did a shade in 30 which looked quite dark to me (well, by Japanese standards) so I got their:

– Marshmallow Fit Skin Stretch Foundation (SPF26) in 5 shades.

– Marshmallow Fit Moisture Lasting Base (SPF 15) in 3082 (comes in 2 shades).

– Marshmallow Fit Pressed Powder (new item!). This comes in 3 shades (SPF33) one is a pearly dual toned powder, the a light powder and a medium toned one which I chose.


Love Clover MarshmallowFoundation:

Love Clover Foundation

All 3 of these products over good coverage for pores and redness so the 3 of them together, I should be looking smoother than Kylie’s forehead.

I also got 2 cheek sticks from Addiction which I have wanted FOR-EVER. I also got a pencil from SANA which is quite new and a Passion NY Kiss chocolate eyeshadow palette:

Addiction Eyeshadow Eye Pencil

I chose:

– Addiction Cheek sticks in Nocturne (A nude dead toned brown beige) and Amazing, a hot pink. I want colours I can use on cheeks and lips.

– Kiss Me Chocolate eyes – I like natural shades at the moment.

– SANA super quick is a great range. I chose their new waterproof eye pencil in Hazel which is a really unusual warm nutty brown for the eyes.

Finally, what Japan haul does not come with some Canmake:

Canmake Eye Nuance Powder Eyeliner Nose Shadow Lasting Creamy

I am a sucker for eyeliner!  I got:

– Powder Eyeliner in brown and black – I hope I can mix these with a liner sealer without it going funny.

– Lasting Creamy eye pencils in brown and black – gel liners apparently.

– Nose Shader Powder – to shade the nose and highlight. Quite compact.

– Canmake Eye Nuance trios in the newer colours, Golden Kuchen and Blue Frappe.

I haven’t actually opened and tried any of these, bear with me I will review as we go along.

Anything catch your fancy??!

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