January Resolutions…

I can’t believe I have only been blogging for three months! It feels like a lot longer and I have made some amazing friends…

Surely I can’t welcome in the new year without a few resolutions?

1. I need to exercise and eat better. I have been surviving on Marks & Spencers Balsamic & Sea Salt Crisps for a year…

2. I need to cut down how much stuff I buy! From now on I am going to write everything down that I spend and it should help me curb spending!

3. I need to focus on what I want to achieve long term! I have an amazing support network and a lot of opportunites with people willing me to suceed, but I need to do it for myself now…

4. I want to play the piano again! My piano at home is gathering dust and I need to get the keys (now badly yellow) tinkling again!

5. Oh and I need to take risks. Live for the moment. Be a bit crazy sometimes. A bit like this? –

Lorra Love,

Mostly Make Up Blog

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  1. choibokiu says

    I love that picture! They’re so cute! Especially the expressions. And my resolution is to eat better too :)