Bizarre Dreams & Hauling Time

It’s that time of the year when the Spring collections will pop their head up to say Hello!  Nothing from the major brands are grabbing me and whilst some of the Japanese ranges are, but not enough for me to exchange my £££ for very few $$$.  Instead I think I will do a illamasqua haul and see if I can stop myself from buying anything else this month!

Meanwhile – my infectious skin disease is spreading. I’m getting water blisters across my hands – what could it be?!

I also woke up this morning from a vivid (albeit) bizarre dream where I was about to wallop my other half across the face.  At that moment (in real life) he was turning over, and my eyes must have opened slightly and dreamworld merged with reality and I lunged at him, fists flying towards his somewhat startled face.  Lucky for him his arm was in the way, or I would have been accused of boyfriend-beating. What’s wrong with me?!  Am I finally going insane?!

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  1. Chica says

    Well I was feeling extremely proud of myself for only buying a chanel quad in the whole of January but then…
    I ordered a crapload off the Illamasqua website :/
    Ah well…I nearly made it through the month eh? :o)

  2. Row says


    Oh my god! What did you buy!? Let me know. I bought lots of bits and pieces this months, which I am not proud about. I want a holiday so make up shopping will have to come to a pause (apart from a bit, scary Ilamasqua haul next moneth…ahem)

    • Row says

      Oh my gosh!!! what shades! ARGHHH!!! I can’t wait to make an order – I want a creme shadow palette, a powder shadow palette, the lip palette and perhaps some sealer. I can’t for the life of me decide what shades to go for though!

  3. Chica says

    I ordered Fallen, Savage, Preen, Creep, Stalk, Fame, Serpent & Permission shadows – I want them all Row! And the names! -dies-
    I put Welt, Underworld, Poison & Growl in the lip palette :)
    Eeeeeee, there are so many colours to choose from, all new and shiny!

  4. Row says

    Hey Chica!

    Ok I added stuff to my basket in preparation – £200 (!!!) its so exciting though to find a new and innovative brand. Did you buy all the products in palettes (I think I will do this since you will still get a lot). How exciting!

  5. Chica says

    Aye I decided that as i want ALL the shadows (if not all their products, oh dear!) so it would be a lot more space friendly if I quaded them :)
    I wish they did a larger empty palette really but I’m not complaining I’m just so freakin excited for the ones I’ve ordered to arrive!
    Whatchoo put in your basket? x

    • Row says

      I got in my basket –
      Illuminator – Halcyon, Powder Blusher – Harlot, Intense Lipgloss – Gender and in Temper, shadows in Savage, Angst, Faith, Tango, Envy, Stalk, Sadist, Bronx,
      Eye Liner Cake & Sealing Gel – Mislead, Lip Palette – Maneater, Scandal, Ego, Melt, Pure Pigment – Marvel, 4-Colour Cream Eye Shadow Palette, Outcast, Suck, Entangle, Midas.

      That’s all.