January 2008: Mascara Mission. Post 1

Hi. My name is Miss X. And I have a confession to make.

I have short, straight lashes that point to the floor. They take a good bit of elbow grease to curl and even then, it’s more of a kink. Cos I really need to pump that curler to get then facing the heavens you see…and then all that pain and hard work is lost because I cannot get them to stay upright.

I’ll call it the flop factor.

I counted that I have tried a fair few mascaras in my time. An overwhelming number of them, regardless of price and promises make my lashes FLOP. And once it flops, I know stubborn as they are, they will not curl properly again for the day.

So here are my straight, straight lashes:

Asian women (as in Chinese, Japanese – SE Asian) are particuraly prone to this trait. So we need something more from a mascara. I think they make eyes look sleepy and tired…

Here are my lashes after being curled – mmm, not much better.

So since I have a huge collection of Mascaras, it only seems right that I collate them all for research so you don’t have the same mistakes that I did ladies.

So what I want to do this month is, review my entire collection of mascaras, along with photos of the brushes, and the effect on my lashes. These reviews may be especially useful for women with lashes like mine – quite short, very very straight and with sensitive eyes. But since I will be reviewing general things too like lengthening and volumising effects, this should be good for any woman! I mean if it can make my lashes look long and thick, it should make ladies with long curly lashes look incredible!

So all the information is together I will stick all these posts under its own label.

Hopefully at the end of it, I will find my HG?!

Lorra Love :)

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