J-Lo offends the eyes

It’s not just the moronic gape mouthed look, its the wrong lip colour ALL THE TIME, its the horrible OTT lashes ALL THE TIME and her dallas hair ALL THE TIME.

I don’t like this red on her. I think an orange-coral red would look much nicer than this blue based vampy red with tons of gloss on top. That expression is hideous. Doesn’t she look at pictures of herself and think, wow that’s ridiculous! I’ll stop posing like that.

Is she

1. Catching flies?
2. Imitating a blow up doll?
3. Ready for feeding?
4. Dealing with a bunged up nose?
5. Looking sexy?

Her perfume bottle looks fugly too. Wouldn’t get a celebrity endorsed perfume myself, how about you?

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  1. says

    I never thought of getting those celebrity endorsed perfume either, despite the ugly bottle and cheap smell (or just imitative ), I don’t like the idea of smelling like one of those drunk dumb@$$ who say/do stupid stuff all the time…