I’ve got a crush on you: Who is your current Brand Crush?

It’s a good job I don’t treat my make up like I treat my men, otherwise the current Mr Candy would’ve been replaced 10 times over by now.

Go and grab some Pj’s and ice cream, cos I want to talk brand crushes with you (again)…


As long as I’ve liked make up I’ve had brand crushes. On one hand I probably have something from most brands you can name, but I also go through phases of being utterly obsessed with just one brand and as a result, I end up buy 20 things from the brand [Lust phase] and then get a bit bored [It’s not you, it’s me].

Notable brand crushes for me include:

She Uemura

Started early 20s. Collected the eyeshadows one by one until I had 100. They gave my first every lash revelation moment – truly curly, gorgeous lashes thanks to their eyelash curler and one very talented make up artist. I still love their lip products but I find to buy anything else because I don’t have a clue what I own from them any more!


Once again because of a talented make up artist I got into this brand (see the importance of good MUAs!) and collected all the blushers, eyeshadows, lipsticks. Still a very special brand to me now but I tend to look out for LE items (I have a Nars drawer!).

Then I got interested in Japanese make up…

The first brand that made me crush on Japanese brands in general was Lavshuca (a Kanebo brand). The packaging was spot on, princessy but functional, the price point was great and the earlier lip and eyeshadows were just amazing.

I think Lavshuca might just do the most beautiful eyeshadow quad I own.

On the downside, Lavshuca have lost it a bit since late, the palettes have been less interesting and I’ve been disappointed with the lip products.


At the moment I am crushing on and buying up:

Heroine Make (from Kiss Me Japan)

Perfect waterproof mascara and eyeliners. The lip gloss is divine. So gorgeous. Will talk about them more soon.

Baviphat (from Korea)

Trying some of their skincare and also cosmetics – their range is visually gorgeous, has that retro Benefit feel about it.

The Face Shop (from Korea)

No relation to The Body Shop, I have one of their concealers and it’s BRILLIANT. So I am not obsessed with this brand – they make sleek cosmetics that aren’t too expensive.

Downside is at the moment everything is from Asia thus I have to wait for it all.

Other brands I always check out and have a soft spot for are; Chanel, Dior, Trish McEvoy, Armani, Bobbi Brown, Bourjois, Urban Decay, RMK, Lunasol, MAQUillage, KATE. I seem to have an awful lorra make up crushes, hmmm.

Come on, do share – do you have make up crushes?

If so, do you have some past and present crushes to share?

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  1. Astrid says

    Shiseido! any of the sub brands too, so integrate, majolica majorca, etc. The UK counter stuff can be expensive though so I’ve got more majolica than the main brand :-) my favourite gloss is by them too; honey pump gloss! I’ve just ordered the perfect smoothing compact foundation online, I’m worried that I might have got the wrong shade though. I’ll have to wait and see!
    I like looking at Jill Stuart products too, but I don’t actually own any… yet.

  2. Emilyjane says

    It used to be Laura Mercier because of a counter invitation I had years ago…then when I moved to Germany Shiseido as it’s the number one brand here and now due to lots of blog pics it’s Guerlain…I’m trying to ignore a serious lemming for the meteorites primer with the little balls in the bottle. I tried it in store and it seems utterly pointless. I still want it though!

  3. Wendy A. says

    I have to say my Makeup crushes right now are:MUFE bacause of the new lab shines, Dior because of the great powders they make and Urban Decay because they make great palettes.
    XO from Mexico.

  4. Anna says

    Becca, hands down. I’m so in love with the (few) products I own and I’m literally lemming every single thing in their line…

  5. visenya says

    Bobbi Brown. First make up brand I’ve tried, so it’s sentimental for me.
    Also, Majolica Majorca (love the packaging!) and Guerlain.

  6. says

    Have lots of crushes like Armani, Shiseido, and Paul & Joe.
    Trying to stick to more inexpensive products nowadays.
    But I’m sure I’ll buy more Majolica Majorca eyeshadow palettes in the future.

  7. Bee says

    Got my first GOSH eyeliner! In love with it. gonna get more! Used to have a crush on MAC but not anymore because their MUAs pissed me off every so often