Itty Bitty Nail Perfection: Mavala Nail Polish

So I am not a mad nail polish addict – when I do buy one its normally a stand out color I just had to have, and its always something overpriced from Chanel or Nars.

I returned to my nail collection which is still quite big, to find lots of horrible colours that had started to separate and go cloggy. Yuk!

Then there was Mavala. I have seen the little stands for years but never really indulged but though these colours were just too pretty to miss:


Mavala nail polish comes in mini sized (but not so mini that you only get a few applications). At £3.75 (prices vary though) its also affordable and most of all – it won’t end up turning into a yukky mess like all of your other polishes.

I am madly in love with milky and sweety in particular – hey I even reapplied them a few times!:


I love these polishes. They give a nice even finish even when I just apply one coat (although I prefer two) and the milky type colours are flattering without being garish.

Used with their topcoat and base coat which I also got, it lasted a whole week which must be a record.

They are also small enough to chuck in my bag in case of chipping. What’s not to love?!

Mavala is sold at various pharmacies and also here.

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  1. Alexandria says

    I’ve seen this brand on, but didn’t know what to make of it. A nail polish as my namesake is pretty awesome too.

    Thanks for the review!

  2. Jourdana says

    It’s funny I was googling “Mavala” since I just found one in my nail polish group (dunno how it got there but I’m glad!) and your blog popped up on the first page! How great it is to see that they’ve got even more colors!! Right now I’m in love with their “Las Vegas” it’s like.. this deep red very pretty.. but I can see I’m going to go mad over Sweety and Alexandria, those colors are marvy!!!

    • Row says

      Hi Jourdana,

      I am totally in love with Mavala – I am not good with nail applications at all, but mavala has a lovely liquid texture which means its soooooo easy to get a good finish! Check out the new juicy colours they are lovely x