Its Body Art, Baby: Jinny Rainbow Glitter Tattoos Review

Last year I went to a Jinny Rainbow stand near me and got some small glittery designs done.

Although it was fun (the kids* loved it) I did wonder how often a grown lady would want to have a design put on her body with it being super glittery ‘an all.

Anyway, they listened and came back with a finer, more adult friendly glitter and asked if I would like to try one of their kits with this change.

*Not my kids

So here is the kit – it comes with glue, three glitters in black, silver and red, a brush and stencils.

jinny rainbow tattoo glitter.jpg

Jinny Rainbow have over 100 shades of glitter I believe and according to the site they are eye safe 😀

The choice of colours in this kit are great – silver and black would be my first choices too for a more ‘grown up’ design.

Jinnyrainbow glitter tattoo.jpg

I picked a bow. The stencils come with a plastic backing that you peel off and also, there are usually 1-3 designs on one sheet. So I cut out the one I wanted, which was the largest bow.

If you were careful I reckon you could reuse it.

jinnyrainbow glitter tattoos.jpg

Here it is stuck on my arm. Had to hold it there for a bit to make sure it was sticking properly around the curve of my arm though.

Jinnyrainbow glitter tattoo body art.jpg

Peel off the plastic backing…

Jinnyrainbow tattoo glitter body art.jpg

Next is the glue. Its sort of jelly fish coloured. Doesn’t smell or anything and no stinging (but please, don’t use it around your eyes).

I used a bit too much glue – a thin layer would do!

Jinnyrainbow glitter body art tattoo.jpg

I let it go a bit tacky then applied the black glitter. Once again I tapped a bit too much….press it into the skin, I think this helps make it really stay in place.

Make sure you have covered everything!

Glitter Tattoo Jinny Rainbow body art.jpg

Then you use the included brush to wipe off the excess glitter. If you have used a lot more you can brush it onto a sheet of paper, then transfer it back into your container!

The glitter does indeed feel a lot finer than previous glitters, and thus you could get quite a subtle finish from it.

I used too much glitter, doh! So the design sticks out more than I’d like. Remember – thinner layer!

Jinnyrainbow glitter art tattoo .jpg

Black is a colour I will use again and again for a glitter tattoo – I think it sort of stands out, don’t you?

In terms of longevity, I don’t know if they changed the glue but this one stayed put for ages! Bearing in mind it was near my hands which I wash quite a lot through the day, it was solid for 10 days before it started to flake off.

I did notice that when the glitter came off, there was a bit of an outline left! Bit of make up remover got it off.

Glitter tattoo Jinnyrainbow.jpg

If you want a non permanent fun design on your bod, I would recommend these kits – you can pretty much play and do what you like with them (freehand design, if you can draw/paint well).

Check out the range at Jinny Rainbow, they have all kinds of sets and stencils. You can also visit various salons where they can do a design for you.

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  1. liloo says

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i love this. maybe not the glitter stuff but the stencils are the bomb. rushes to the jinny rainbow website
    wooooooo lalalalalalala
    happy x

  2. says

    I like it! Black glitter makes it sexy, lol. I’m gonna check out the site to see if the have more “grown up” designs than a bow though. Thanks for the review :)