Is it possible to cheat on your SA?

I was having an interesting conversation on Twitter with Mizzworthy, who goes to the same large department store (Selfridges, Trafford Centre in Manchester) as me. It has a gorgeous, big, relaxed beauty hall (but a vicious pig-in-a-lipstick for a floor manager. But that story is for another day…)


The thing about beauty junkies like me is that you spend a lot of time on counters. You build up relationships with these girls and they sometimes become your mates.

Now. There are certain girls that I love to stop and chat to cos they are so nice (on Trish McEvoy, on Illamasqua, on RMK especially).

Then something happened in the floor plan. They opened it up. They joined counters together. No longer could I sneak and dodge around the stands because I felt like trying something a bit different. They made it…hard…impossible almost…to counter cheat. That’s right girls. I was caught cheating on my SA….

Does anyone else ever feel this way?

Obviously its a free country, and we can look and buy from wherever we please but it can be a bit tricky if you are dying for a new foundation and you want to try something new, but your usual SA is staring at the side of your face and wants to know WHATS WRONG WITH THE ONE I SOLD YOU TWO WEEKS AGO?!?!?!?!

Counter Cheating – have you been caught?

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  1. says

    Haha this is so funny when reading….but actually it’s not. I’d be freaked out and wouldn’t dare to buy anything anywhere, coz what would XY from Illamasqa think? Next time I go to her she’s gonna be bitchy?!
    Definitely a baaaaad idea from the planners >_> They should think first before doing restyling plans for good money…..

    • Row says

      Hi Mary

      Yeah, I think the counters should be a bit more private! RUbbish when you are getting your make up done and 30 people are staring at you!

  2. Elizabeth says

    God I always feel bad when I’ m at a counter being shown a god awful product and say “Oh I’ll see how this looks in the natural light”, or “I”ll wait to see how it lasts” or some other piss poor excuse, and then go and buy a better version from another brand whilst the previous SA looks on.. oops!

    • Row says

      Hi Mizz

      Yeah its hard to explain to someone who doesn’t have a favourite SA – I am suprised u could cheat on Laura Mercier when its connected to Illamasqua!

  3. says

    HHAAH So true! Last time at MAC I tried to sneak into a corner where the least pass-byers could see me while being made up LOL Even so, a woman (with full and thick makeup) was staring at me up close when i was done that I almost freaked out. Dunno what was so interesting or wrong on my face >_<"