Is it a lipgloss, is it a lipstick? No it’s Skinfood Vita Tok Lipstick Review and Swatches!

Skinfood make up is hit and miss, trust me, and I’ve never though much of their lip products.

When I spotted these super cute, fairly new-ish lipstick range called Vita Tok I just had to buy a few to try cos I like the name.  Vita TOK. TOK. TOKS! TOCKS!

You know like:

Cute kitty

Don’t think I have some weird animal fetish now, will you? But you gotta love cute tocks. Anyway, back to lipstick….

Vita Tok Lipstick Skinfood

Skinfood Vita Tok Lipstick comes in plastic and the lid is clear like Shu Uemura. It looks a bit cheap but one can live with it…

As you may know by now, Skinfood products related to some kind of food and it an be nearly anything as the range is so vast.  Each of these foods has a benefit – Vita Tok is about the vitamin found in fruits and amino acid derivatives which are supposed to hydrate the lips and give a glossy water shine.

I have to say the Japanese do the nicest glossy watery look lip sticks. Skinfood is Korean by the way!

The colours:

SKinfood Vita Tok Lipstick

I picked two bright but not too bright shades but here is the full list:

PK01 Dorothy Berry

PK02 Live Pink

PK03 Sakura Peach *pictured

PK04 Vanilla Therapy

OR01 Live Orange

OR03 Grapfruit Tok Tok (!!!)

OR03 Energy Coral

RD01 Cherry Drink

BR01 Rooisbos

BR02 Cinnamon Choc

You can guess what the shades are sort of like from the shade numbers and codes.


Skinfood Vita tok Lipstick

I like the fact these are really soft lipstick and do indeed have a lovely glossy finish but also pigment! For once, these lipsticks aren’t just a layer of shine!

There is NO sparkle or glitter in these, once again quite unusual. So they almost pass for tinted balms.  They smell a bit fruity too.

My lips were extra crumbly when I swatched these. Sorry.

PK03 Lipstick:

Vita Tok Skinfood Lipstick

On my it’s milky and a bit nude. I don’t know why they call this Sakura Peach, it is PINK definitely.


Skinfood Lipstick Vita Tok

Quite a pretty and subtle orange, highly wearable and once again quite flattering and pretty.

I thought these would be a dream with flaky lips, but they aren’t, they do highlight any dry patches. Perhaps despite the soft texture it’s best to have a balm under these colours.

But if your lips are in ok shape and you want a sparkle free glossy pretty lipstick in some interesting colours, this is a great buy!

I paid about £8 each for these including shipping from eBay.

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  1. Jen says

    is the OR03 the grapefruit tok tok or energy coral? either way, it’s really pretty :)