IPSA White Protect C Creative Concealer

Another product I spotted in the Kevin B Beauty book was this ISPA creative concealer:

It is a special palette with three colours inside. The idea is that the space on the bottom is for you to blend to the perfect colour.

*light bulb moment – I believe I have a MAC concealer with 3 shades in it also. Must find*

Anywayyyyy, the IPSA comes with three shades. A beige for spots, yellow for under the eyes and a brownish shade. Technically you can mix these together to get the perfect shade – you don’t just have one colour for the whole of your face do you? No! So mix it up!

I haven’t gotten to use this properly yet but the texture is medium soft and it is fairly opaque – not as opaque as say RMK basic concealer, which covers everything, but then the RMK is too heavy for around the eyes. This one isn’t.

It has a SPF25.

Yeah! You can never have too much concealer!

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  1. says

    Don’t bother with the MAC concealer trio; MAC’s concealers are notoriously low coverage and I find they don’t stay in place as long as I’d like.