IPL Home Treatment Review: Smooth Skin Extra by iPulse Trial – Part 1


I have now added my upper lip as a treatment area – it didn’t hurt one bit, it just felt slightly warm I am happy to report!

One day the world will freeze over again and then we will all regret our obsession with removing our body hair. But until then…

Body hair. Most of us ladies don’t want it. Most of the time it’s either expensive/painful/time consuming to remove it all.  I cannot say that I am excessively hairy (I don’t have crazy hairy legs or arms but I still have other hairy ermmm areas).  

So the IPL machine (I have tried the Gillette one before, it’s fine but I could never quite stick to using it) is a dream come true in many ways – in 6 to 12 treatments (once a week) it promises to permanently reduce the amount of hair you are sprouting. 

There is a LOT of technical blurb about this product, so it’s better to just visit the official site for the info, as I would just be regurgitating. 

IPL Home Treatment Review Smooth Skin Extra by iPulse Trial Part 1

To keep it simple, this device basically uses light energy to disable the hair follicle, thus removing unwanted hair.  Each area needs treating for 6-12 treatments to get results, as hair grows in cycles. You have to use an activator gel, which you will need to buy more of, but it only costs a few pounds. 

I have managed to stick quite well to using this device so I will be as absolutely honest and descriptive as I can regarding this device as it is quite expensive to buy (currently £299 at Boots – it is exclusive to Boots – hello points!) but if you were to go to the Salon for treatments, this would work out far more economical, plus you could set up a stand offering treatments (maybe). 

The device comes in a large box and comes packaged up like this:

IPL Home Treatment Review Smooth Skin Extra by iPulse Trial Part 1 1

Since this ends up living outside the box it would be nice to get a soft pouch just for the device and some accessories (such as the gel and some spatulas).  Instead, this £300 device now lives in a Home Bargains shopping bag. 

This device is improved from the first model because it has a skin tone sensor which is the thing on the right. Hold this against your skin and press the button and it will give you a power setting automatically. If your skin tone is quite dark, it will be unsuitable for this device (and any IPL for now) so the machine will NOT fire.  It’s quite reassuring as it means you can’t accidentally burn yourself. 

I am currently this far in:

Legs – Week 6

Armpits – Week 5

Bikini Line – Week 4 

The reason my areas are staggered is because I kept adding on areas as I went along…

I want to add upper lip to this too and will start this week.  

So a new Q&A’s as I can’t write a full review until I have done a full 12 weeks – please do let me know if you have any questions. 

Is it easy to use?

Yes it is. Instructions are clear and there is a lot of support online. It’s quite self explanatory. 

Does it hurt?

Yes at first it did hurt me. My skin on average got a 3 reading (there is 1 to 5, 5 being the weakest) and I HAD to turn it to 5 as I found 3 quite painful. It felt like a hard flick from an elastic band it it made me jump a few times. I’ve used this on my aunt and she also flinched away – it’s worth saying this pain was on some spots of my leg (especially bony areas) but not all over which is worse – you never know when it is really going to hurt!  

HOWEVER….a few tips I got included pushing harder into the skin rather than just grazing it (this won’t make it hurt less!) and keeping the gel to cool the skin down.  This does help but most of all – your skin gets used to it. I went from nearly giving up in week 2 to barely noticing now at week 6.

Note that the armpits are quite sensitive, and so is the bikini line although it isn’t unbearable any more.  

Does it take long to use?

Each time I take at least 30 minutes. At first it seemed to take forever as the device window where the light flashes is quite annoyingly small (however – as this can be used on the face, it can’t really be much bigger). Now I can do all areas in 20 minutes, but at first we were pushing an hour which leads me to….

Is it boring?

I can’t really emphasise enough how boring it is sitting there and flashing a bright light (remember to look away!) on a tiny patch of skin, section by section when you’d rather be watching a film and eating doritos.  This is with Mr C helping me a lot and doing the flashing too – it’s still really really really boring finding the time to do this, I can’t lie. But as it’s now starting to work, I am finding it less bother. 

Can you use it on your face?

Yes, such as the upper lip. You should use white card to cover your lip as you can’t use this on mucus membranes. 

Does it work?

Yes! See below…

At this stage I can say;

Legs – barely any regrowth now, about 2 hairs on each leg so working VERY well.  

Armpits – some bald patches, but still hairy

Bikini Line – as above 

So YES it is definitely working although the result on some areas is more gradual. 

What’s this skin tone thing? Is this machine racist?

No it’s not racist – dark skin tones has more pigment and will therefore absorb more light, therefore could result in burning, blistering or bruising. You can always go into a Boots to try this device out or to check if you can use it. Obviously, don’t try and do a skin reading on someone else and use it anyway, you’ll only hurt yourself. It does feel quite hot on the skin I think, so really, don’t risk burning yourself. 

Can I use it to do a Hollywood bikini line?

You can do the bikini line but you can’t do the vulva (ahem) – mucus membranes cannot be treated!

Will it last forever?

No, this will last for 100,000 flashes which is more than enough for your average user and a few friends too. 

Any other tips?

Make sure the gel is cool, buy a pack of those wooden spatulas to spread the product (very cheap on eBay), use a white pencil MUST BE WHITE, to section off the skin if you are rubbish at gauging when you have zapped, leave this out somewhere easy and do try and stick to using it once a week although those first few weeks are incredibly tedious because once you see some results, it’s quite exciting! 

Using the device on my aunt:

IPL Home Treatment Review Smooth Skin Extra by iPulse Trial Part 1 2

Any criticisms so far…
Well the window is a little small on the device – it makes sense as it means you can do little crevices, but it does feel tedious.  Also, it does take a moment for the flash to power up again. It’s not forever but if you want to get into the flow of things it takes and extra moment.
That’s it really! So far so good. I’ll update you again soon.
Have you ever tried an IPL device?
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