Introducing my new brand crush, Peripera and Pink Nail Polish PK11 Cherry Pink

My latest brand crush is Peripera, a Korean brand which is fairly inexpensive and has an impressive nail polish and lipstick selection, amongst other things!

Expect to see lots of Peripera on the blog as I slowly get through new products to review!

Now – Peripera has a scented nail polish range which has a cats butt on it (more info shortly) – the colours are gorgeous and pretty and they also have this cheaper range in plainer packaging which also has tons and tons of shades; metallics, brights, nudes, pastels etc.


Mine arrived and it was very dusty.  I dislike dusty things. I don’t think it takes much effort to give things a wipe first, no?

Because I ordered 10 of the cat butt polishes, I only ordered one of these to try out –  went for the brightest pink I could find, PK11 Cherry Pink:



Peripera Nail Polish Pink

This polish has 3 big selling points.

ONE TOUCH (ie. one coat)

ONE MINUTE (ie. drying time)

ONE WEEK (ie. durability)

I am lazy lazy lazy when it comes to painting my nails so this sounds perfect to me.  I hate chipped polish and I hate waiting for it to dry – I don’t know about you but even when I think it is dry, the next day I find fabric marks on it! Like as if they were still a bit wet and were pressed against my duvet or something.

This is their promo picture which basically looks like exactly the same image in both photos, hurrrmmmm:


So I tested the polish – it is pretty damn good!  It is very pigmented so it did just take 1 layer to get a good finish (another coat would make it super smooth I feel, but it is definitely wearable with 1 coat).  It was touch dry after 1 minute but after 10-15 it was quite sturdy! I still wouldn’t pick my nose at that point but it was drier than other polishes I own.

The coverage is great (just 1 coat used in this swatch) but the finish isn’t as glossy as the visual implies:

Peripera and Pink Nail Polish PK11 Cherry Pink

Did it last 7 days?

Actually it did with tip wear though – no big chips at all, even though I am rubbish and rough with my hands, and I used a crap top and base coat!  This does last well, and I am buying more of these because they are so quick and easy to use!

I bought this from eBay for £5 including shipping.

What do you think of this?

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  1. says

    Cat’s butt? Color me confused ?! Anyway, love this packaging and sounds like a really great product! Wonder why they didn’t dust it off, tho.

  2. Kitty says

    Wow, that brand sounds really good, I might have to look into it once I get earning and can afford to splurge on make up again!! Thank you!

    Kitty xxxx

  3. Jen says

    Looks impressive! I’m also very interested in seeing the 10 cat butt polishes lol Nice to be introduced to yet another pretty looking Korean brand