Introducing eBay Collections #ebaycollections

Over the last few weeks, I have been working with eBay on a new feature to the UK site, called Collections.

eBay’s new collection feature is a way for users (sellers and buyers) to share some of their favourite finds by creating interest ‘boards’ in any type of genre or theme.  All you have to do is find items you like and add them to a ‘collection’  you have created – it could be an inspiring set, such as items you want for your future wedding, or just a wishlist of things you’d like for Christmas!

Cosmeticcandy2014 Collection on eBay

Having used the Collection feature, my initial thoughts is that it’s easy to use (when browsing, all you have to do is select the ‘Add to collection’ option on a drop down menu, you don’t have to go back and forth to access it) and provides quite a useful visual guide for future purchases over the traditional ‘add to watch list’.  It is also shared publicly, so can be good for dropping a few hints!  

The first 12 beauty inspired collections I have created here, are inspired by the spirit of thrift, randomness and discovery, because that is what eBay is to me; an website of endless items, random, brilliant, sometimes strange – if you need to find something – anything – the first stop quite often is good old eBay.

My favourite collections that I have created are inspired by different things. Under The Sea is a mixture of blue things, cool and calm – there are sea based scents, sea based nutrition (oil, tablets and powder) and even a touch of mermaid in there.

I also enjoyed putting together my Unusual Beauty Tools set, which is full of interesting products for looking after the skin and hair, applying make up and massaging.  Ever heard of a nose clip? You have now!

Finally, my I can see a Rainbow collection is full of all things bright and sunny – from the much blogged about Hair Chalk to rainbow coloured lips.  Many of the sets I’ve chosen, such as the eyeshadows and nail kits have a number of colours in one place which is great value!

Do take a look at my collections or have a go at building some yourself!  What would you include in your first collection?

Note: This is a sponsored post created in partnership with eBay.  

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