Introducing Burberry Beauty Iconic Nail Polish Collection, LE SS’14 Box Set, Swatches and Review!

I hope you are ready for some super pretty premium nail polish goodness from Burberry!

The Burberry Nail Polish Iconic Colour Collection is launching on the 2nd of October 2013 and includes 17 shades, inspired by a classic Buberry colours (deep reds, nude, that trench beige etc) and also includes a base and top coat in one (just up my lazy girl street!).  

The nail polish has a high gloss finish and 2 coats dries in under 2 minutes, and the formula contains pro vitamin B5 and moisturising and strengthening qualities. Phew! 

Burberry Nail Polishes Swatches

The packaging is gorgeous, obviously, and very heavy weight and luxurious.  I have two colours here to review for you.

The packaging of these Burberry Polishes is lovely – the lid pulls off (which is quite heavy weight and has the Burberry print), to reveal the cap and brush.  The brush is quite chunky, but easy to use which means it only takes a few sweeps to cover the whole nail.  It’s a squarish shape and easy to use to get into the edges neatly too.

Burberry Nail Polish

I found the texture of these polishes quite thick but also really easy to apply and smooth.  I thought even 1 coat applied well, and it didn’t take too long to dry (I wouldn’t say it was properly dry in 2 minutes but I could touch each nail after 2 minutes per coat).

Burberry Nail Polish 415 Pale Yellow

I love these two colours that I have tried.  They’re not that common but wearable – I like how creamy they look on the nail.  

Pale Yellow almost has a slightly green tinge to it – it reminded me of a flower, but it doesn’t quite look like green or indeed a yellow (sometimes yellow can make my nails just looks stained!). 

Dusty Mauve is really gorgeous and reminds me of a taupe-mushroom-violet – just up my street.  I have been wearing this colour all week (it started to chip on day 4) and it’s noticeable without looking too dark or dull. 

405 dusty mauve burberry nail polish

Here are the colours in the core range:


Nude Beige No.100


Nude Pink No.101


English Rose No.102


Ash Rose No.103


Stone No.104


Mink No.105


Dark Trench No.106


 Introducing Burberry Beauty Iconic Nail Polish Collection LE SS 14 Box Set Swatches and Review


Steel Grey No.200


Graphite No.201


Storm Grey No.203


Khaki No.204


Poppy Black No.299


Military Red No.300


Poppy Red No.301


Lacquer Red No.302


Oxblood No.303


Base & Top Coat No.000

Burberry also have a pre-release for the Spring/Summer 2014 colours in a box set with limited availability:

Introducing the Burberry Nails Spring Summer 2014 Collection 1

The shades are limited and are (Including the two I have swatched):

Rose Pink No.400

Dusky Mauve No.405

Pale Grape No.410

Pale Yellow No.415

Sage Green No.420

Mink No.105 

Burberry Runway Nail Collection

This box set is sold here for £90 until the 30th of September 2013, and then will not be available again until the new season…so if you are thinking about Christmas presents…be quick! These box sets ship in 3 weeks so really, it’s ideal as a gift for a polish lover.  The colours are limited too and are fashionable with a classic edge.  I want that green!

Individual polishes are £15 each.

What do you think of Burberry Nail Polish? Would you splash out?

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  1. Alix says

    These are on my Christmas wish list! LOVE Burberry and these colours look fabulous. Cannot wait to try!