International Giveaway: Dogeared Make A Wish Necklace

Open to all readers, I have this beautiful Dogeared Make A Wish Sterling Silver necklace to giveaway, thanks to the lovely people at Accessories Online:

dogeared make a wish-1.jpg

Dogeared is one of my favourite jewellery brands. Its not super cheap, but its stylish, simple and each piece of jewellery carries some kind of meaning. If anyone is reading this and fancies buying me some jewellery, make is this.

dogeared make a wish necklace.jpg

Want to win this simple little stunna?
Answer this question (its an obvious one)…

Make a Wish. Tell me what it is.


My wish is that I can close my eyes and the three big tasks I have to complete this week will be done, just like that, faultlessly.

And I also wish for a giant chocolate pudding with mint custard with zero cals.

So this is open to everyone!

Winner announced on the 1st on Dec!

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  1. says

    I wish for everyone to be fed.
    (Then, I wish for everyone to be healthy. Then I wish for everyone to have a home. And on and on..)

  2. says

    I wish for every human being to have a roof over their heads, healthy and respected. I also wish for love and care and a lovely new bedroom xD


  3. auroragyps says

    After dealing with several years of stress & badness, I wish for my immediate family to finally be happy & free of worries.

    I also wish to have one of every green shade of nail polish in the world. 😉

  4. says

    I wish for a world where people focus on improving their own attitudes and approach to life instead of interfering in other people’s lives. Oh and I wish for a space hopper, I had mine ‘borrowed’ at a party and I miss my lunch time hopping!

  5. Nuria says

    I wish my family, friends and boyfriend will keep out of any pain, disease or harm. Sometimes I get so scared that something could be happening to them… I just wish everything will stay fine for all them.

  6. Nina says

    I wish for everyone in the world to be happy, safe, healthy and stable.

    An immediate wish I have is for me to get better, I have a nasty cold! :(

  7. says

    So selfish but.. wish my right side of my face would go back to normal and be symmetrical (not perfect symmetrical, but enough!) but thanks to Bells palsy messing it up.. Not sure when the nerves will ‘re-connect’ with each other again *sigh* Makes me v uncomfy to take pics of my face now that I know one side is very visibly lopsided :(

  8. Eliane T. says

    I wish for a beach trip. I so need to get a tan ^^
    Thanks for the chance! This necklace is super cute!

  9. says

    Jules – hugs I have facial palsy and know how you feel

    I wish for health and happiness for me, my friends and family, oh and for two stone to miraculously shift from my middle overnight :)

  10. Heather says

    I wish my husband and I were already living in Japan. We plan to move there in the next 5 years permanently, but I’m so anxious for it to happen!

  11. says

    My wish *squeezes eyes tight*
    to just get pass this examinations period which is wrenching the life out of me. One. more. week.

  12. says

    I wish that I will somehow randomly figure out how to pay tuition for next semester so I don’t have to drop out of school after working so hard for 2 years.

    …and for some yummy Mexican food to be delivered to my door. Cause I’m starving!

  13. says

    I wish I could eliminate the need for sleep! I would be able to get sooo much stuff done in the extra time, catch up on tv, hit the gym, cook, surfing the net, reading more books, the possibilities will be endless!

  14. Jade Clancy says

    I wish that my cat Pele would be nice to my dad when he comes to visit. Since I moved out 18 months ago, his short puddytat memory prevents him from snuggling him when he visits like he used to when we were ‘at home’ and I can see that it upsets my dad because even though Pel is my cat, my dad adored having him around the house and I feel bad for taking that away. Sigh :o(

    Oh go on then I can’t resist, and can I be the filling in a RPatz/Ed Westwick sandwich please?

    There, I said it. I ruined the moment didn’t I? ;o)

  15. Caroline says

    I wish I would get A’s in all my a level’s, but this wish is far from coming a reality at the moment ;(

    and I wished there was more hours in a day, i’m so sleep deprived =-=

  16. says

    My wish is to attend college by the time January 2010 comes.
    P.S. – For such simple jewellery, you’d expect it to be a little more affordable. Then again, Dogeared pieces go with everything!

  17. Claire says

    I wish for a warm chocolate scented night with the boyfriend and lots of snow so we can play outside when the movie gets boring :)

  18. marmota says

    I wish peace in the world. But my more immediate wish is that of be able to focus and finish this dissertation soooooooooon.

  19. says

    i wish that my two younger siblings would finish their collage.. i dont wanted them to be discriminated the way i am experiencing in work, because im not a graduate of four year course.. thats why im working hard so that i could provide for their schooling..

    i work in office for 8 hours, after office i had another part time job, which is teaching..


  20. Cher says

    For my skin to be glowing and spot free, for my hair to be shiny and revitalised and naturally straight and to look groomed and stylish for just one day!

  21. diskogal says

    I wish I could decide what I want to do in my life from now on…there are major decisions to be made and I hate hate hate decisions!

  22. DLori says

    My wish is to be able to send my parents on a round the world cruise, a dream they’ve always had, to show my love and appreciation for always being there for me and loving me no matter how mischievious and ill mannered I could be at times.

  23. Katy says

    I wish that my grandpa gets well very soon. He has been very brave and been a fighter. It hurts to know he has cancer and fighting for his life! I know he can do it! He recently lost his mother, which was my greatgran. I just want him to live happily without suffering for the rest of his life! Lots of love to my grandpa!

  24. Cassandra says

    I wish that all my friends and I can hold on until the end of HSC (yr 12 high school examinations) and keep in good health. I wish for my family to stay in high spirits and health, and that somehow I’ll find more direction in life. (I have options of choice, but I can’t decide upon those just yet, even when most of my friends have it figured out)

  25. Christine says

    I wish for everyone in the whole world to stop feeling pain,so no one would hurt,and to stop feeling hunger, so no one would be greedy,to stop feeling desperate,so there would be no crime, to stop feeling hate,so everyone could stop killing but instead love each other!