Integrate shadow

Integrate are a Japanese brand from Shiseido, who famously got the Queen B herself, Angelina to be their spokeslady.

For me Integrate is a bit of a damp sqib; some of the products are nice like the Aqua Dress Rouge lipsticks but the eyeshadow palettes so far have been really poor; poor texture, poor pigment.  So Integrate is not a brand I usually look at.

Then comes the new quads.  I knew something fishy was up when the BR750 Cool Brown was out of stock on Ichibankao – out of stock?! An integrate shadow?!  I promptly ordered the Green palette from Adambeauty (bit cheaper but not out of stock) to try out.


Oh. my. god.

It’s so nice.  It’s SOOOOOO nice.  This quad is up my alley cos one of my favourite shades ever for the eyes is green, the rich leafy-khaki-gold kind.  This quad has four shades in a bizarre square shape.  I’d prefer the shape of a cat’s head or maybe a brain, but that’s just me.  Theres a light shimmery white base, a sparkly white glitter, a stunning khaki olive green, then a dark rich green as the liner (in the smallest square).

I’m not kidding, this is one sexy palette.  I  want to try BR750 which was sold out even though I’m not mad on Browns.  There is also a golden brown palette and a red palette.  If they are as nice as this one then they are definately worth having.


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