Integrate Rainbow Grade Sparkles over Eyelid Heart Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

Integrate, a Shiseido brand, varies from crapola to amazing (their mascaras are WONDERFUL).

I have been dying to purchase Integrate’s newest palette for ages but I couldn’t find the shades I wanted until recently. Just the fact that these palettes are mega cute in their heart shapes meant I knew I wanted to buy one to try.

It comes in 9 colour combinations – BR’s are browns, PK are pinks, GY are greys, GR is of course green and VI is Violet.

There are far too many browns and beige palettes here and the grey and violets didn’t interest me. only stocked the dull shades hence it took me a while to find them on eBay!


I bought PK204 and GR707. The green and brown combination are just made for me! And the pink I thought would be good fun.


I have been playing with these for a week or so and they are really lovely palettes!The green is a mixture of light green, lime and a cool toned chocolate. The base is a sheer cream and there is a pink sparkle shade:


The pink palette is a light pink, medium toned pink and dark chocolate burgundy. The base shade is a white cream and there is a silvery sparkle.


Both of these palettes are quite sparkly and shimmery – bear in mind if you hate this – and the shades err of the pale and interesting side with just one medium/light tone and one contour shade.

This actually works quite nicely despite my love of dark colours! The sparkly shade really is a creamy, lovely top coat and there wasn’t too much fall out because of it.



The green palette – the light and medium greens are quite similar – shame, but the darker green and brown make it worth it!


I will do some EOTD’s with these palettes soon – at the moment I keep reaching for them in the morning. LOVE!

I’m still not intrigued enough by the other palettes to buy more though – I’d love a blue one or a plummy one so maybe in the future!

I paid about £11.30 for these on eBay – check them out on or eBay for the best prices.

Verdict: Me like!

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  1. says

    the two darker colours are quite nice. I’ve bought their brown palette and I think your colours are indeed much nicer.