Instyle Magazine 100 Best Beauty Buys 2008…

…is a waste of time.

A few years ago, I looked forward to the 100 Beauty Buys Magazine, which came out once a year with the Magazine.

I kept all of them, and would study if for hours, ticking off the products that I own.

Now its 4 years on and…the magazine is smaller. There is more “celeb” in it, but its the same old, same old thing.

Estee Lauder, Lancome, Chanel (ie. the big advertisers) will always get a few mentions. Chuck in a bit of Clinique, a smidgen of MAC, some YSL…and we’re done.

The list has looked uninspiring and repetitive for years. I know that it is basically an exercise in advertising and sucking up, but still…try and look like you have spent a year sourcing and searching the globe for newer, better products.

The Best Eyelash Curler is….Shu Uemura! (its good, but what about Shiseido? Suqqu?)

The Best Stick Foundation is…Bobbi Brown (Have they read the review on MUA?!)

The Best Under Eye Concealer is…YSL Touche Eclat (Yawn…hasn’t everyone found a cheaper, better alternative by now?)

The Best Concealer is…Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage…(Yes, unless you have try skin then its like applying tar. Not even good tar, bad tar.)

The Best Lip Pencils is…Spice by MAC. (Oh my god! Get over Spice! its a brown lip pencil, I mean, it was the THING when I was 19? There are a million nude lip liners, inface, who even uses lipliners..)

The Best Lip Gloss is…Mac Lipglass. (Ugh, even Macaholics I know prefer other MAC Lipglosses over Lipglass. The last time I used Lipglass, there was mild wind and 30% of my hair was stuck to my lips by the end of the day. It was a good windbreaker. But still…)

The Best Cream Eyeshadow is…Clinique?!?!?!1 (Er, whatever.)

But how could they remove my beloved Aveda Be Curly curl enhancer for a Keratese curl cream?!?! Why?! I guess Keratese is owned by Loreal, so….

*** And then they go and put Kelly Brook on the cover. I have nothing against Kelly Brook at all, but I mean…she is neither a proper actress or a model or a dancer. From now on, I’m not buying Instyle unless its Rhianna or Natalie Portman or Jessica Alba (yes, I love her grumpiness) is on the front.

Do you like the list? Think I’m wrong and its a definative guide to the best products around? Then don’t tell me! Go and suck up to Estee Lauder!*

*I kid, I kid.

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  1. Lea says

    I agree with you on this. Seems like if you’re no big advertiser you don’t get a chance for a shout-out on the list. And who really decides what goes on the list? Fine if they’re based on survey or voted by the public and not the editor along with his/her execs.

  2. Row says

    Hi Lea!

    I don’t thin Instyle’s is based on votes, but “industry standards” and from what models & actresses say they use. Which really means the editor is very much in control – the list hasn’t changed for years, and I really don’t believe it is because products haven’t developed and got better, but there are certain products they just push!

  3. ' * : . b | u 3 . : * ' says

    haha i loved this post, its so true! thats the reason i don’t trust “best of” lists from any beauty magazines.

  4. Jules says

    I agree. I used to be a instyle subscriber, but have not been for awhile. I find myself like you purchasing less and less, and not missing my subscription.

  5. Kenton Beadworks says

    I completely agree. I buy the issue every year and have the feeling most of those who make the list are purchased nominations…or are just carried over from the previous year.
    I was cracking up at the MAC Spice liner comment! Good stuff.
    Do you know of a trustworthy list?

  6. michelle guillermo says

    tnong ko lng po kung san mabibili ung leg gloss na nakita ko sa magazine nio nung 2008 mag.di ko lng matandaan kng anong monyh un eh.thanks…