Innisfree Eco Nail Polish Review & Swatches

Innisfree is a Korean Eco Beauty Brand with a number of cosmetic and skincare products. I’ve tried a few things and recently purchased these Eco Nail Polishes (I can’t find ingredient details anywhere!) because there were so many pretty shades to choose from (over 60!).


Overall I’m not sure what I think of the Korean and Japanese nail polishes I’ve used so far. They can be on the gloopy side.

I bought 4 shades of Innisfree Eco polish:The lids feel cheap, but the short stumpy bottle is quite cute overall so I’ll let that go. I bought 4 shades that felt springy like a clear with giant glitter particles, a pale pink, a lime snot green and a sparkly pink.


First up is the strange clear polish (well more murky). This polish has large particles of glitter in it – quite odd I guess it could work on top of something else. I think they chunky bits look a bit lonely alone:


Next no 3 is a soft baby pink. It’s a classic shade, quite nice but nothing spectacular. The formula is a little thick for my liking:


No. 15 is a snot green – my favourite! It just works really well I think:


No. 47 Sparkly Pink – it looks a lot more metallic rather than just glitter in the product photo so I am a bit disappointed – this is a bit too random and not shiny enough for my liking. It sort of really sticks to the nail and not in a good way:


Overall these polishes are cute, the colours are nice but the formula is just average. It’s not that easy to apply and it’s quite thick. It lasted about 2 days on me.

I bought these from eBay they were about £4 each.

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  1. Cute polishes! I love #52 in the top pic…so bling-bling!

  2. I like 43. It would be fun on top of a bright teal.

  3. Tiffany says:

    I think the number 47 would be lovely for a pink gradient !

  4. I love #15 ! So fresh, it reminds me of summer ^^