Innisfree Eco Nail Polish No. 71 ‘Merry Christmas’ – Because it’s nearly Christmas!

Oh shoot me – I am excited about Christmas this year! Maybe it’s because there’s a baby – albeit he’s too young to realise it’s a special day – but I still want to make it a memorable one this year!

So I’ve taken a new new interest in Innisfree nail polishes – this one no. 71 subtly called Merry Christmas I had to buy for Christmas!  It’s a clear base with red, green and gold glitters – the official colours of the season!

Innisfree Eco Nail Polish No 71 Merry Christmas

Do you think you could ever wear red, green and gold and not look like a Christmas tree?

The glitters in this nail polish are CHUNKY and bold so they would probably look best on a base or seriously layered up – it looks a bit crappy- I mean sparse with 1-2 coats.  Here is 2 coats:

Innisfree Eco Nail Polish No 71 Merry Christmas 1

Yah it’s kind basic and juvenile really, if only it had some base colour or micro sparkle to make it more interesting.  It’s a bit like a turkey with no condiments. 

I paid around £4 for this from eBay.

What do you think of this Christmas polish?

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