Inika Product Review: Pure Primer, Liquid Mineral Foundation, Perfection Concealer and Lip Whip Review

Inika Cosmetics has an interesting back story; the founder Miranda Bond struggled with endometriosis and thought shouldn’t wouldn’t be able to conceive naturally.  She decided to change things in her lifestyle, like her diet (very important of course) and eliminating products that contain potentially harmful chemicals that can be found in cosmetics. 

Once she began to detox her life she fell pregnant naturally and eventually Inika was born, a 100% natural beauty brand that is vegan friendly, and free of synthetic chemicals. 

Pure Primer Liquid Mineral Foundation Perfection Concealer and Lip Whip Review

I am all for eliminating harmful toxins from beauty products, although it’s pretty hard to tell what is actually natural and what isn’t – a lot of ranges sell themselves as ‘organic’ but still contain obviously dubious ingredients.  Also it’s quite hard to find anything that is completely natural on the high street.  

I was sent 4 products from the range to try out…

 i. Pure Primer

ii. Liquid Mineral Foundation in Honey

iii. Medium Perfection Concealer 

iv. Lip Whip in peach

I’ve been testing these products for a while now and have got a good grasp of them.

The range is well packaged and comes in sleek black. It’s a fairly expensive range, with the liquid foundation costing £29.90 on their website at the time of writing (but coming with a foundation brush).  

I have to confess my first few uses with the base products did not get off on a good start. Clearly, I am used to high street and high end base products that have a number of preservatives in them.  So the main differences I noticed were:

1. Strong Smell – these products have more natural extract in them so they did (especially the primer) have a strong herbal scent.

2. Texture – I noticed the base and the concealer especially has a habit of separating.  I had to squeeze out quite a lot of concealer which ran out as liquid before it became a cream!

3. Reactions – Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it suits everyone skin. Mine is sensitive and because this stuff must have a lot more active ingredients in it, I did find it tingling a lot to begin with. 

Pure Primer Liquid Mineral Foundation Perfection Concealer and Lip Whip Review 1

I like the primer – it creates a nice base for foundation, possibly the mineral powder foundation would work even better with it than the liquid, but bear in mind it is quite strongly scented.

The liquid mineral foundation is nice, it leaves a sheer glowy coverage. Honey is a bit too yellow and warm for me though – there’s not a ton of colour choice in the range but it blends ok.

The concealer is also decent, with a cream texture that felt good around the eyes but fell into the creases somewhat.  If you can roll this one around for a while to mix up the product as it’s prone to separation. 

The Lip While was nice, there wasn’t much pigment once it was on my lips, it looked quite sheer and shiny.

Pure Primer Liquid Mineral Foundation Perfection Concealer and Lip Whip Review 3

Overall, this is a new experience for me and it’ll take some getting used to but it’s well worth a try if you want to eliminate a lot of toxins from your body – it totally makes sense to me which is why I’ll keep trying things from Inika.  It’ll just take a while for me to wake up from a silicone-paraben induced coma!

A selection of Inika products (including the foundation) launched at QVC in this April.

*PR Sample

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  1. says

    Hmmm…am I the only one who thinks the “origin story” of this line is a little wonky? Natural cosmetics are very trendy at the moment, and the marketing campaigns surrounding such brands has been very effective at making the public believe that things like parabens and silicones are bad for us, but to imply that they were actually prohibiting someone from conceiving is almost slanderous. I don’t doubt that lifestyle changes can effect such things, but I find it laughable that it’s the switch away from proven safe, over-the-counter topical ingredients that Miranda credits with the change in her situation. Much more likely, other simultaneous changes were made (in diet, exersize, alcohol use, smoking, stress-causing activities, etc…I assume Ms Bond didn’t just change her skincare in efforts to have a child). I think almost any doctor in the world would tell you it’s much more likely these things are what influenced Bond’s ability to conceive.

    I’ve done a lot of research on these types of ingredients; what may surprise people is that science actually supports the use of such ingredients. For instance, parabens are highly effective preservatives that are among the most gentle, non-irritating options available. Common “natural” replacements, like grapefruit or tea tree oil, are actually potent skin irritants. Worse yet, they may not even work.

    Your statement that “Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it suits everyone” is dead on- after all, Poison Ivy is natural, but I sure the heck won’t be rubbing that all over my face! This line sounds as if it has a high amount of fragrance (which is bad for skin, regardless of whether its origin is natural or synthetic) and tingling from makeup products is something I’ve not experienced in anything outside of lip plumpers- not a good sign! While I love the idea that mass retailers like CVS are offering higher-end brands and a more diversified range of products, this one seems like a “skip” for me!

    • Alice says

      Reading that she struggled with endometriosis made me immediately interested in the brand, but the idea that this detox allowed her to conceive put me off straight away. This simply isn’t the reality for the vast majority of women struggling with endometriosis, and I feel like to use it as a selling point is quite low. Perhaps like Jessica said, a combination of lifestyle changes made this possible (many people find that a low estrogen diet can aid endometriosis suffering), or perhaps her condition improved naturally. I really doubt that the types of cosmetics she used or cut out had a notable impact on her ability to conceive.

  2. Jan says

    I did see that these were around on QVC, I had half-heartedly tried the mineral makeup without a lot of success, so thankyou for your review. The packaging reminds me of Biba – the original I am that old! by the way I read your post on the revamped Selfridges Beauty Hall in Manchester, I am going tomorrow but am now a little trepedacious (and I’ve probably spelt that wrong!).