In which I cried a bit at the till: RMK Dusty Bright Eyes 02 Grayish Green Review and Swatches

A few weeks ago, PRE spending ban* might I add, I hopped along to my local RMK counter for an innocent browse and ended up buying this cute eyeshadow/cream shadow duo product from their Autumn 2011 Collection, named Dusty Bright Eyes.

Dusty Bright eyes is 3 grams of cream eyeshadow (long lasting waterproof) and a sparkly eyeshadow AND a dual ended brush.

There are 6 shades to choose from, for me it had to be the 02 Grayish Green Combo which is pictured in the main visual for the collection.

Fall 2011 Makeup Review RMK Dusty Bright Eyes in 03 Grayish Brown

RMK Dusty Bright Eyes Grayish Green

I had a really nice SA on the counter who was very helpful and nice, and did a quick look on me. She spent so long trying to take my waterproof make up off I knew I’d be buying something because I felt…guilty, you know?

*Which may or may not be working

Anyway – this product is right up my alley. It’s petite and handy sized (but stingy with the product amount, no?) it’s sparkly and it’s long lasting – what’s not to love?

RMK Dusty Bright Eyes 02 Grayish Green Review and Swatches

So I better tell you why I was crying (inside) at the till. I am so glad I said I’d only take one of these because this baby is a whopping £35.  Do you think that’s expensive? I think it’s extremely expensive for a small product like this, and that, somewhat taints my review because this is a £20-£25 product really.

I remember thinking is these were more around the £20-£25 mark I’d take two.

The packging is cute but it’s cheap – it’s VERY lightweight plastic. I think it should be heavier for the price, also the top part (the cream shadow) has a plastic lid which you must put on otherwise it will dry out. It’s just a rubbish plastic cap which is so easy to lose – they should’ve thought of a better lid system to be frank.

The brush:

RMK Dusty Bright Eyes 02 Grayish Green Review and Swatches 1

This is dual ended brush is for CREAM and POWDER.  There is already a dual ended RMK brush with cream and powder brushes and this is similar (possibly the same?) but this one is retractable.

Perhaps this is why the price of this duo is so high – because you get the brush with it, but I really object to companies sticking a brush you don’t need or want with make up to hike up the prices.  I will inevitably lose this somewhere, plus it feels light and cheap even though the brush hairs are quite nice (the powder is fluffy, the cream side is firm, a little bit too small for my liking).

The powder and cream shadow/liner:

RMK Dusty RMK Dusty Bright Eyes 02 Grayish Green Review and Swatches Bright Eyes 02 Grayish Green Review and Swatches

The cream shadow side is not really a liner, I found it quite sheer. If you layer it, it becomes quite pigmented.  The durability of the cream side is amazing – it stays put brilliantly, for that reason I really love it since I have oily eyelids that make most eyeshadows crease eventually.

However – it dries quickly, too quickly. So by the time you have layered it to get a richer finish, the bottom layer has started to dry and it doesn’t look that good – a bit crusty.  You have to work quick – I wish it was wet for longer because it means that the glitter can be patted on and it’d really ‘stick’.

The eyeshadow side is SUPER sparkly.

The silver in this duo is basically just like the metallic glitter colours. So so so so so so so glitttery BUT with a major fall out issue.  This is why this product would be brilliant if the cream side didn’t dry so quickly as it could help the glitter adhere.


RMK Dusty Bright Eyes 02 Grayish Green Review and Swatches 2

The glitter is glittery, not pigmented, the cream shadow is low on pigment but lasts forever. The magic is when they are used together, you get a stunning metallic grey green which is lovely, if you can live with the fact you face will look like a glitter ball when the day is over.


I’ve moaned about this duo – I wish the price point was better and the packaging – but to be honest I don’t regret buying it because it’s cute and quite a handy addition to my everyday make up bag (yeah, I like glitter).  It’s expensive though and definitely not a ‘must have’.

What do you think of this product?

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  1. Jen says

    Eeeeeek £35!! I don’t think I’ve ever spent that much on just one eyeshadow! It’s a shame it didn’t perform as you would expect a £35 eyeshadow to perform, but it is a very pretty sahde when the two shades are used together :)