In the unlikely situation of getting hot & sweaty: KOKURYUDO Ice Remake Spray Review

Thought I better get this one in quickly before the British summer disappears any more. Whaddya mean, it’s already dead, finished, over?!

It’s true, summer lasted about 7 days in the UK. When it was hot however, I quickly purchased this Ice Remake Spray made by KOKURYUDO (no I haven’t had to use it again).

KOKURYUDO ‘s Ice Remake Spray is an interesting product – this is a facial refresher or spritz that removes oiliness from the skin and ‘remakes’ your make up – the based looks hydrated and dewy, you look more alive…

It comes in a handy small sized aerosol:


They say:

Kokuryudo Ice Remake Spray For Redo Makeup is specially designed for dry, air-conditioned room. It is infused with orange essence, vitamin C and natural moisturizing ingredients, which help to replenish skin, leaving you a supple and moist feeling. It is suitable to use after-sun. It is easy to carry, you can use it at any time and any place to soothe skin. Use it before redoing make-up. No colorant and no fragrance.

This is a rather fantastic product if you get oily – it seems to mattify the skin without the need for powder.


On top of that it smells fruity and it mighty easy to use. The nozzle is a bit weird – a bit intense because as you can see it’s a narrow thing – it’s not like a spritz that mists the face it’s a bit more targeted. Overall it’s also very refreshing and nice to use – better than plain water.

Now here’s the bad thing – I’m sure if this contains alcohol as I can’t read the ingredients. It smells like it does and it evaporates quite quickly on the skin making me suspect it so. It did tingle a little on my dry patches.
If this is the case then I can’t completely recommend this – after continued use I think it would get quite drying.


– Removes shine
– Very refreshing
– Reduces the appearance of pores
– Adds a soft glow
-Refreshes make up
– Compact Size
– Smells nice

– Stings a bit of dry bits of the face

Overall well worth a look but due to the reaction of my dry spots I won’t be using this too often.

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  1. Grace says

    This product sounds amazing- definitely something I need as my skin gets very oily. But I’m a bit worried about the suspected alcohol content- are there are any other similar products you would recommend?