Ladies, ladies…

This is the first time EVER I have planned a blog sale and had to change the date but unfortunately – I thought we could do more than we actually could.  We are away for a few days and we have are moving house at very short notice shortly – so life is very hectic to say the least.  With this being the biggest blog sale I have ever done (well over a thousand items) and with the added complication of my beautiful butterball son crying the second I pick up my camera, this has been the toughest sale to compile!

So mucho sorry my dears.  The blog sale will be on next Saturday instead – that is SATURDAY 29th JUNE 2013 at 8PM.  Hopefully you will have been paid by then 😀

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Sorry guys! But I like everything to be checked over properly before it goes up.  

Anyway here is PART 2 of the previews – the eyeshadows.  Part 3 will be the lip products….once again if this list seems jumbled,  don’t worry it won’t be on the actual sale (Mr C did some of this list so…yeah).  And its always makes more sense once you have the images. 

 Lavshuca Winter Make Collection

Visee Feat Mercury Duo A-7

Visee Feat Mercury Duo A-6

Kiss Cosmetics Kiss my Eyes 02 Chocolate Brown BR-1

Integrate PK204

Integrate 10

Integrate GR707

Lavshuca OR-1

Visee B-5

Integrate BR730

Integrate BR750

Integrate GR670

Fasio Eye Colour SV-5

Fasio Eye Colour BR-2

ABC Gel Eyes Flasher PC4371

ABC Gel Eyes Flasher PC4370

ABC Gel Eyes Flasher PC4369

Espirique B-3

Noir Blanc Compact Eyeshadow S104

Majolica Majorca Trick On Powder BR742

Canmake Perfect Brown Eyes 01

Tiffa Gradation Eyeliner DB&BR

Kate Eyeshadow BR-2

Kate Eyeshadow Wide Control Pearl (Label Torn Off)

Kate Eyeshadow BK-1

Kate Eyeshadow PU-1

Kate Perfect Reflect Mirror Eyes BG-1

Kate Eyeshadow GY-1

Kate Eyeshadow PU-1

Kate Eyeshadow PU-1 (single)

Kate Brown Collection BR-4

Kate Eyeshadow GN1 (single)

Tiffa Gradation Eyeliner BK & GY

Lavshuca PK-1

ZA Dramatic Eye Colour

Testimo DB-13

Maquillage GR747



Kose Luminous

Etude House 07

RMK 32 Pure Beige

Skinfood Mini Cookie 7

Skinfood Mini Cookie 5

Skinfood Mini Cookie 6

Anna Sui Eye Colour 100

Anna Sui Eye Colour 907

Anna Sui Eye Colour 800

Holika Holika 04

Coffret D’Or 01

Peripera 6

Peripera 26

Etude House GR602

Etude House WH703

Etude House BL505

Canmake Eye Nuance 27


Mary Quant M15

Mizon OHMU P05 Plum


Maquillage Pallete 31

Maquillage Pallete WT925

Maquillage Pallete BR 628

Lunasol 02 Medium Night

Aube Couture 553

Cle De Peau Colour Quad 17

RMK 01 Deep Brown

RMK 04 Yellow Brown

RMK 03

Espirique Precious F-3

RMK 02 Silver Blue

RMK Shiney Mix Eyes 05i Shiny Gold

Cle De Peau Satin Eye Colour 102

RMK Ingenious Powder Eyes ME-01 Metallic Silver

Visee Feat Smacky Glam Limited Edition Glam Glow Eyes PK-6

RMK Mix Coour for Eyes 01 Shiny Green

RMK Mix Colour For Eyes 05 Shiny Pink


Jill Stuart 07 Jewel Violet

Jill Stuart Gemmy Diva

Castledew Diacut Eyes (9 colours) Blackish Smoky

Jill Stuart 01 Pink Quartz

Shiseido Maquillage SV832

Stardom Reflectance Eye E-4 Mini Frost

Lunasol EX01 Tender Glow Beige Brown

Coffret D’Or 02

Majolica Majorca Majolook 1

Kate Eyeshadow GN-1

Kate Deep Eyes GN-1

Kate Eyeshadow BG-1

Kate Eyeshadow BU-1

Kate Eyeshadow BR-2

Kate Eyeshadow BK-1

Excel D20

Excel D04

RMK Shiny Mix Cheeks 03 Orange Gold

RMK Shiny Mix Eyes 01 Silver Pale Green


Lavshuca Winter Make Collection

Visee E-5

Majolica Majorca Majolook GR741

Majolica Majorca Majolook 2

Visee meets Blondy N-9

Skin Food Coffee Creamy Colours FIT Shadow 1

Visee N-5

Visee GR-4

Kate Real Create Eyes GN-1

Lavshuca PU-1


Shu Uemura Tsumori Chisato Planet Cat Palette

Shu Uemura Tsumori Chisato Planet Ribbon Palette

Shu Uemura Shu 20 Blossom 07 Compact Case by Michael Lin

Shu Uemura Wong Kar Wai Burning In Water Palette Holiday Collection

Shu Uemura Lisa Dreamy Petal Palette

Shu Uemura Morphorium Blue Palette

Shu Uemura Palette Fleur De Source

Shu Uemura Palette Fleur De Tenne

Shu Uemura Palette Midnight Winter Sakura

Shu Uemura Eyeshadow Palette Rich Velvet

Shu Uemura Palette Pressed Eye Shadow M Uguisu

Shu Uemura Palette Pressed Eye Shadow M AI


 Castledew Diacut Eyes M601

Etude House Fully Olive Black 4

Beaute De Kose C3

Canmake Glitter Eyes 02

Palgantong Smoky & Violet 3×3 Cube Colour

Palgantong Brown & Pearl 3×3 Cube Colours

Laneige Snow Bloom Blusher The Secret of Snow Crystal

Lavshuca BR-1

Lavshuca GN-1

Kate Diamond Cut Eyes GN-1

Visee E-1

Visee E-2


Visee E-3

Visee E-4

Shiseido 08 Ocean Shimmer

Lunasol 05

Shiseido OR211

Lavshuca Silver

Lavshuca Gold

Kate Eyeshadow PU1

Kate Eyeshadow PU1

Kate Eyeshadow GN1

Kate Eyeshadow BR3

Kate Eyeshadow PK1

Lavshuca PU1

Lavshuca BE1

Excel D02

Majolica Majorca Majolook SV801

Majolica Majorca Majolook GD852

Majolica Majorca Majolook PK122

RMK Jelly X Powder Eyes 04 Silver Gold Beige

Canmake Eye Nuance 28

Skin Food Sugar Dessert Shadow Choc Choc 31


Espirique Precious Glamourous Glassy Eyes PK80

Espirique Precious Glamourous Glossy Eyes BR31

Aube Duo 73

Aube Duo 74

Canmake Liquid Shadow & Base 03

RMK 03 Blue Water Colour Eyes

RMK 05 Olive Green

RMK 01 Light Blue

RMK 02 Lavender

Paul & Joe 02 Eyegloss

Paul & Joe 05 Eyegloss

Paul & Joe 01 Eyegloss

Paul & Joe 002 Lipgloss

Paul & Joe 01 Eyegloss

Paul & Joe 04 Eyegloss

Paul & Joe Eye Gloss Duo 002

Paul & Joe Eye Gloss Duo 001

Paul & Joe Eye Gloss Duo 003

Cosme Decorte BK051

Cosme Decorte GR705

T’estimo Platinum Carat Eyes 01

Urban Decay Cream Shadow Grass

No. 7 Stay Perfect Eye Mousse

Canmake 05

Integrate GR126

Intergrate PK723

Canmake Liquid Shadow Base 02

Tarte Lock 2 Roll Creaseless Eye Shadow Duo Citrine

Tarte Lock 2 Roll Creaseless Eye Shadow Duo Tanzanite

Tarte Lock 2 Roll Creaseless Eye Shadow Duo Turquoise

LA Colours Jumbo Eye Pencil Sea Shells

Ettusais Blue Eyeshadow

Lancome Ombre Éclair Emerald 02

Bling Blin Eye Stick Etude House

Too Faced Smurfette Collection eyeshadow

Too Faced Smurfette Collection eyeshadow

Too Faced Smurfette Collection eyeshadow Illuminating Face Powder

Pixi Eye Beauty Minimum Palette

MAC 6 Snow Globe Eyeshadow Palette (Winterscape Magical Mist, Patina, Buckwheat, Gaelic Gold, Midnight flurry)

Pixi Eye Beauty Kit Muse

Pixi Eye Beauty Kit Smokey

Tokidoki Smashbox Quad in Celebrita

Tokidoki Smashbox Quad in Modella

MAC Venomous Villans Eyeshadow Carbon New

Bobbi Brown Chrome Palette

Bobbi Brown Bright Eyes Palette

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream Blue

Bobbi Brown Moon Rock Long Wear Eyeshadow Palette

Bobbi Brown Goldstone Longe Wear Eye Palette

Givenchy 9 Colours Eyeshadow 54

Givenchy 9 Colours Eyeshadow 53 Arty Palette

Givenchy Sparkling Eyeshadow Quartet Caviar and Pearls

Givenchy Shimmer Eyes 44 Precious Shimmer Ltd Edition

Givenchy Shimmer Eyes 43 Smokey Shimmer Ltd Edition

NYX Glitter Cream Palette 04 Surreal

NYX Glitter Cream Palette 02 Eden

NYX 5 Colour The Carribean Collection – I dream of St Lucia

NYX 5 Colour The Carribean Collection – I dream of St Thomas

NYX Purple Smokey Look

NYX Bronze Smokey Look

Lancome Ombrea Absolute Palette Raidant Smoothing Quad – Divine Hold

My Face Cosmetics Eye Touch Crocodile Rock

NYX Eyeshadow 3 colour eyeshadow Aquamarine

L’oreal Velours Noir Smokey Eyes

EXCEL D14 Eyeshadow

EXCEL D10 Eyeshadow

EXCEL D12 Eyeshadow

My Face Eye Touch Bell Bottom Blues

My Face Eye Touch Band of Gold

My Face Eye Touch Purple Haze

Lunasol Eyeshadow 04

Vincent Longo Roja Eyeshadow Quad

Laura Mercier Tuxedo Eye Colour Quad

Helena Rubenstien  Wanted Eyes Green Glimpse

Helena Rubenstien  Wanted Eyes Parlermo Green

Laura Mercier Petite Eye Colour Trio Smokey Taupes

Rouge Bunny Roge Veiled Fire Bird Eyeshadow

Paul & Joe 002 Eye Colour

Holika Holika Cream Shadow and Liner 06

Holika Holika Cream Shadow and Liner 05

Holika Holika Cream Shadow and Liner 01

Paul & Hoe 002 Eye Colour Palette

Missha Signature Velvet Art Eye Shadow 03

Art Deco Beauty Box Quattro and Shadows

Laniege Snow Crystal Layered Eye the Secret of the Snow Crystal

Kevin Beautymaker Starlit Eyeshadow

Canmake Powder Eyeliner 01

MAQUILLAGE eyeshadow BL244

Helena Rubenstien Wanted Eyes Colour Duo ME266F Feline Collection

Kevin Beautymaker Tokyo Leopard Ltd Edition

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Bronzed Brown Eyes

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Smoky Green Eyes

Extreme Make Up 9 Quatetti Fllash Cotto Colato

Extreme Make Up 6 Quartetto Flash Cotto Colato

Elysambre Quad

L’oreal Colour Appeal Chrome Shine Dazzling Khaki

Helena Rubensiten Wanted Eyes Duo Feline Collection Smoky Earth

MAC Togetherness Eyes shadow

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Enhance Green Eyes

Stila 8 all ocer shimmer eyes

Smashbox Eyeshadow Trio Glow On

Urban Decay Haze Matte Eyeshadow Threesome

Smashbox Cream Liner and Shimmer – Wicked

Art Deco Beauty Box Magnum with 12 eyeshadows

Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette Angels

Becca Prarie Moon Palette

Becca Best of Becca Palette

Becca Bombora Palette

Make Up Store High Tech Lighter Big Bang

Make Up Store High Tech Lighter Asteroid

Make Up Store High Tech Lighter Stardust

Make Up Store High Tech Lighter Space

Make Up Store High Tech Lighter Energy

Aube Eyeshadow Quad 03

Aube Eyeshadow Quad 05

Aube Eyeshadow Quad 06

Aube Eyeshadow Quad 04

Aube Eyeshadow Quad 02

Aube Eyeshadow Quad 01

KATE Eyeshadow BR-2

Kate Eyeshadow BR -1

Shiseido Eyeshadow H9

Shiseido eyeshdow H2

Benefit Birthday Suit

Shiseido PN PK206

Kate Eyeshadow GD1

Majolica Majorca Eyeshadow YE106

Majolica Majorca Eyeshadow GD821

Majolica Majorca Eyeshadow WT904

Majolica Majorca Eyeshadow GR732

Stila Smoke Palette

Shu Uemura Liner Gold

Skinfood Eyeshadow 02

Skinfood Eyeshadow 04

Skinfood Eyeshadow 07

NYX LP19 Mink Pearl

NYX LP10 Ocean Blue Pearl

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Lilac Pearl

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Lime Pearl

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Orange

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Pink

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Glitter blue

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Purple

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Purple Glitter

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Nude Pearl

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Gold Glitter

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Turquoise Pearl

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Baby Blue Pearl

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Oro Pearl

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Ruse Peal

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Orange Pearl

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Green

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Yellow

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Glitter Pink

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Purple Pearl

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Silver Glitter

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Apple Glitter

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Green

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Walnut Pearl

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Mocha Pearl

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Black Pearl

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania White Pearl

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Silver Pearl

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Charcoal Pearl

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Baby Pink Pearl

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Yellow Gold

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Space Pearl

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Penny Pearl

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Crystal glitter

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Sky Pink Pearl

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Pearl

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania Fanta Pearl

Everyday Minerals Tinsel Time

Everyday Minerals Smokey

Everyday Minerals Ginger Bread Man

Everyday Minerals Plain View

Everyday Minerals Spin Cycle

Kryolan Satin Powder 032

MAC Soft Ochre

Alexander McQueen MAC Pagan Satin

Bare Minerals Glimmer Oasis Pigment

L’oreal Hip Rebel 314

L’oreal Hip Tenacious 848

L’oreal Hip Valiant 534

L’oreal Hip Progressive 834

L’oreal Hip Exciting 102

L’oreal Hip Unashamed 544

L’oreal Hip Fiery 124

Barry M Dazzledust 14

Mac Blue Mind Eyeshadow

Mac Tectonic

Smashbox Shadow Duo

Benefit Moody Eyshadow

Make Up Store Cyber Shadow Metallic Wave

Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy

Urban Decay Shattered

Urban decay Green Goddess Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Matte Eyeshadow ABC Gum

Urban Decay Matte Eyeshadow Chronic

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Midnight Cowboy Rides Again

Urban Decay Matte Eyeshadow Narcotic


Too Faced Mocha Meteor

Anna Sui Eyeshadow 803

Lancome Cupid Blue Eyshadow 804

UD Scratch Eyeshadow

Etude House GR60 Shadow

Canmake Glitter Eyes palette 01

Canmake Glitter Eyes palette 03

Canmake Glitter Eyes palette 04

T’testimo BU-55

Luminous Eyeshadoe GR700

Cosme Decorte BL971

MAQuillage GD874

MAQUillage PK243

MAQUillage BR771

Milani Runway Eyes Lily White

Milani Runway Eyes Black Out

Milani Runway Eyes Silver Charm

Canmake Jewelstar Eyes 07

Kanebo BK1 Shadow

MAC Wonder Grass Shadow

Too Faced Fantasy Island Shadow


Kate Brown BR-1 Shadow

Kate Select Shadow 01

Majolica Majorca Jewelling Eyes  BR691

RMK Gold 09

Make Up Store Micro Bronze Shadow

Anna Sui 102

Anna Sui 209

Holika Holika 03

Helena Rubensiten Wanted Eyes Feline

Korres Eyes Plum 775

MAC McQueen Nile Shadow

Lavshuca Eyeshadow PK2

Lavshuca Eyeshadow PK1

Lavshuca Eyeshadow BE1

Etude House White Pearl Tear Powder

Bella Pierre Discotheque

Models Own Shadow

Majolica Majorca Spice Sensual Spice

Illamasqua Fervent

Illamasqua Bedaub Cream Shadow

Smashbox Savage

Laneige Snownloom Eye Palette

Anna Sui 100 Eye Cream

Mally Violet Eye Pencil

Illasmaqua Custom Palette – from the early days when you could pick any shades to put in a palette and I chose 4 myself on counter

Wet n Wild Amazon Greens

Revlon 21 Silver Fox

Stila Boldly Beautiful Palette

Wet n Wild Stormy Duo

MUFE Aqua Cream 09

MUFA Aqua Cream Peach

Etude House Lucidarling 03 Purples

Etude House Lucidarling Neon Fresh

My Frozen Eyes BL213

My Frozen Eyes PK705

Kanebo GY-1 Shadow

Etude House Pudding Dia Shadow Pink

Bourjois Ombre Stretch Black Glitter

Bourjois Ombre Stretch Bleu Nuit

Maybelliene Eyeshadow Flash of Fresh

No. 7 Eyeshadow palette

Calvin Klein Eyeshadow Silver Gray New

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Vert

NYX Hot Green Shadow

Shu Uemura Brown Etencills Powder (sp?) more of a red

Kryolan Saturn Powder

Kryolan Saturn Powder Olive

Too Faced Eyeshadow ooh and ahh

Laura Gellar Eyeshadow Marble – Vanilla Toffee and Black Cherry

IPSA E812 Face Colour

Mini Bourjois Shadow 46

Mini Bourjois Shadow 65

Beauties Factory 504

Illamasqua Android Powder

Aube 01 Eyeshadow

L’oreal 924 Visonary HIP

Missha Dual Drawing Pencil 04

Guerlain Kohl Powder Liner Blue

Calvin Klein eye Gloss

Clarins Ombre Soft Cream Shadow 03

Molton Brown Soft Cream Shadow Lemongrass

Canmake Colour Slick 06

Cargo Eye Make Up Mini Pigment

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Set

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Set

Jelly Pong Pong Wide Awake Palette

Stila Playful Set: Mood, Bouquet, Jezebel, Jade

Stila Classic Set: Java, Starlight (?), Golightly, Tint

Chanel Lumieres Polychoromes Intense Effects Shadow

Tom Ford Estee Lauder Collection Eye Gloss

Rimmel 003 Palette (Japan release)

Scinic Pencil Set (3 liners and brow)

MAC Pigment Off the Radar

MAC Pigment Crystalised Yellow

MAC Pigment Turquoise

MAC Pigment Sunpepper

MAC Pigment Crystallised Lime

MAC Pigment Crytallised Pink

MAC Pigment Fuchsia

MAC Pigment Dark Soul

MAC Pigment Pastorale

MAC Pigment Azreal Blue

MAC Pigment Light Green

MAC Pigment Copperclast

MAC Pigment Chocolate Brown

MAC Pigment Air de Blu

MAC Pigment Kitchmas

MAC Pigment Teal

Etude House Lucidarling High End Pink

Etude House Golden Radio – Gold

L’oreal HIP 914 Intrepid

L’oreal HIP 228 Striking

Bare Minerals 1980s

Bare Minerals Neptune Shadow

Bella Pierre Shadow Reluctance

Bella Pierre Shadow Forest

Pixi Quad Sooty

Everyday Minerals Mistletoe

Everyday Minerals Mystic

Everyday Minerals  Cypress

Everyday Minerals Jade

Kate CL-1 Gel Liner

L’oreal HIP 918 Restless

Canmake Powder Liner 02 Brown

MAC Shadow refill Vanill

MAC Shadow Refill Satin Taupe

Chic Choc Gel Liner GD01

BB Long Wear Shadow Metallic Sandy Gold 04

Peripera Golden Brown Shadow 27.


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  1. says

    Hi quick q’s?

    #1 – is it possible – say I choose 5 items and list them here as what I wanted but perhaps offer you options if something has sold out…so;
    1 – blah blah,
    2 – blah blah
    3 – blh OR blah OR blah?

    As think some of the items will be very popular and if you say no it’s gone, by the time I respond back my 2nd choice may have gone too. If I say you can give me any of the OR’s I’d be happy? Just so I know how to arrange my listing,

    2- other than MAC Satin Taupe which will be gone faster than Usain Bolt – can you recommend any awesome taupes from the sale collection?

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    • Row says

      Hi Sarah

      1. Yes you could do that it speeds things up usually. If someone orders 10 things and 1 thing is missing then I tend to invoice minus that item, and if they want to add something in the next 24 hours I am happy to add it on (although this gets confusing!). So yes leaving options is ok.

      2. Taupes…hmm I don’t know my dear there are definitely some more in there but off the top of my head I can’t think – there’s going to be over 1,000 items so I can’t recall all of them! I think you’ll be surprised, MAC is popular but I’ve noticed it’s surprising what people go for.

      merci beaucoup!