I’m doing the Zumba!

Yeah another day, another diet to try. I bought the Jillian Michaels DVD – I did it once and nearly keeled over so I was rather happy to get this to try – the Zumba.

Mr Candy’s first words were “The Zumba advert is really really annoying”. Well I say, shut up Mr! Because this could be the key to fighting fat!


God knows I am piling on the weight. With this hot weather, fatness is magnified – I can’t wear this, I can’t wear that, I feel hot, I feel sweaty.

Anyway I watched this video and it looks fun. Not tried it yet but am starting tonight!

Keeping fit is hard!

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  1. says

    Oooh I did my first day of Zumba yesterday, do you have the set with the noisy dumbbells? It’s hard work but surprisingly fun.

    All those toned abs on display make you feel a bit ill though.

    • Row says

      Hey Emma

      I got the dumbells are here! I haven’t actually, errrm done it yet, been dead busy but I’ll start tomorrow. I’m hoping to turn into Shakira.