Illamasqua Haul

This is the haulage I made at Illamasqua on Sunday!


In my base I have been matched to 140. Its ok for now, may be a bit too light in the summer.



Concealer is a thicker version of the foundation.

Under Eye Concealer:


Under Eye concealer is LOVELY. Its soft a creamy for the undereye and has reflective qualities.

Satin Primer:


This is one of the star products. I can’t tell yet if it will make my make up last all day but so far I can tell it adds a glow to the skin. The matte primer is supposed to be VERY matte – (which could look quite sexy!)

Loose Powder:


I got this in 135 – very fine textured so far.

Cream Foundation:


Leena choose the cream compact because I like a medium coverage and a glowy finish. Now, when its cold this goes a bit hard so warm it up with the brush then it’s like buttah.

Lipstick – sorry the name escapes me and I don’t have it in front of me at the moment! Its a really rich pink:


The lipstick is very very pigmented and very very rich. I swiped it on my had and it left a stain so the lasting qualities are pretty good. The texture is creamy and matte although there are some shimmer lipsticks.

Pigment in Fervent – a gold-brown infused with green silver flecks.


I have a million pigments – so I wasn’t going to get another but this is a really nice colour. It’s less dirty than Macs Blue-Brown pigment.

Blusher Brush:


I am really fond of the Illamasqua brushes. So far I have the large blending brush, blusher brush and the eyeliner and I’m happy with all of them. I have a TON of brushes and I only buy brushes now that aren’t like anything else I don’t already have…this brush is very round and is very firm and dense which I really really like cos I hate the big fluffy brushes that get powder everywhere.

So that’s the haul (for now!). I invested in base products, which I didn’t think I would (oh all the base products are all HD ready!). I can’t wait to go for my next Illamasqua experience!

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