Illamasqua Haul Part 4!

I know, I know. Not another Haul. I’m not buying any more Illamasqua now untill my local counter is open (in about 3 weeks!!!). I mentioned before, my favourite make up artist IN THE WORLD is moving from Nars to Illamasqua so I can’t wait to go for my first make over with her!!!!

I made a teeny haul this time. I bought the Valentines lip palette (£14) and a pencil in Spell.


Colours are: Maneater, Corrupt, Abandon, Ignite


I like the pencils a lot – they are soft and creamy and work on eyes or lips. However…the whole colour swatch thing makes it difficult to know how true to life colours are. Real life swatches, like the ones on (dare I say it) MAC’s site are MUCH better than little blocks of colour. For example this pencil, spell, I thought would be a cool orange I could wear on the eyes and lips, but it is quite obviously in person a hot true red:

Illamasqua Store - Pencils - Medium Pencil.jpg

I still like it…but I can’t wear it on my eyes now….tis a problem *shakes head*


Next time you see me and Illama, it will be after a stellar makeover, I tell ya!

Here’s the previous reviews:

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