Illamasqua Haul Part 3!

My interest in Illamasqua hasn’t wained! This is haul no. 3 courtesy of the other half. I got their cake liner and gel sealer, a illuminator in Halycon and the eyeliner brush.


The liner in black – for £16 it comes with a sealing gel. The idea behind the Illamasqua cake liner is that you can mix it up like a paint then apply (I find most eyeshadows go funny if you try to do this).


I like this cake liner and gel a lot! All you need is a dot of gel – this mixes up a little bit too much liner for my liking – it would be great if the dropper bottle gave out smaller droplets but still, it applied well, was a very dark true black and lasted too.

Illamasqua have a number of highlighters:


I choose Halycon which has a goldy edge. I was hoping this would be a brush applicator but it’s actually the same as the lip glosses which I think, makes it a little fiddly:




I really liked this product. It was a lovely shimmer gold pigment, it dried quickly and stayed put and was a nice liquidy texture that was quite natural.

Eyeliner Brush:


This brush is EXCELLENT. It gave a fine liner but I can see how this could be used for a dramatic line as it works pretty well when you use the flatter long edge of it too.

I noticed that when the brush dries it goes pretty hard (from using the cake liner) so I would recommend and immediate wipe or rinse to stop this from happening.

So this was my no. 3 haul from Illamasqua. I liked everything this time around! to see my previous hauls here and here and here.

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