Illamasqua Haul No. 2

My first experience with Illmasqua was a heart stopping experience. Now, dusted off and ready for my second dosage, I have had a rather more sedate experience with the brand.


I got two palettes (custom ones) with four powder shadows and four cream shadows, one intense lipgloss in Fierce and one eyeliner pencil in Interrogate.

Chica also did a great review of her Illamasqua haul you can read about.

Intense Lipgloss:


Nit Picking Point – I hate the creamy-yellow colour on black on the packging. It makes the box look aged and not in a good way – like it has been sun aged for a while.

Back to lip gloss!

Don’t ask me why I went for purple?! I just thought it would be a fun change:


The intense gloss is more pigmented than the sheer ones;




The colour sheers out into a funky 80s type disco lip shade:


It’s a nice lip gloss – there range online isn’t huge but I wouldn’t say no to trying more.

The pencil I bought in interrogate which looks like a whitish nude beige


It’s actually more of a nutty brown.


More lip than eye, although what I orignally wanted it for was for brightening the waterline.

I got 2 of the palettes which you can fill with your own colours – great idea!

I picked up a cream palette:


Shades left to right, top to bottom are MIDAS, OUTCAST, SUCK and ENCHANTED

With flash:


No flash


The cream shadows are quite greasy textured – they will crease!!!! Sorry, no wearing these on their own people. With greasy cream shadows I prefer to use these with a powder on top, then it sets nicely.

The colour swatches were fairly accurate here, although Entangle looks more like a deep green khaki, not a black and midas more of a gold, not a cream-white.

My four powder quad:




Envy, Sadist, Angst and Stalk.

I’ve realised that –

1. I still like the brand a lot and want to see more but…

2. The online swatches are useless

3. Matte Shadows are hard to wear, hard to use, hard to blend

4. Black lacquer type packaging attracts dirt and greasy fingermarks

Overall I am happy with my purchases but it’s killed the huge lemming I had for the brand previously. I need to see the range in person (and it is coming to my town shortly!) to access what would suit me or what would work – buying blind from the net, I can’t say I am 100% happy with my colour choices. There are more matte shadows than shimmery, which I don’t understand because I still feel even a soft shimmer or metallic finish is more flattering and easier to wear than Matte.

I have another haul from Illamasqua due, so let’s see how that turns out!

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  1. Rose says


    I have been to the Illamasqua counter on Selfridges and must say its very daunting at first – so many colours and textures to choose from , but the customer service is impeccable – my MUA took me around all the collection and the ideas behind everything which I like to know – it makes you feel more affiliated with the product somehow.

    I ended up spending way more than I should have in these credit crunch times, but the colours are so unique that there was no worry I was gooing to get home to discover ten other versions of the lipgloss I bought, which always seems to happen to me! I love the matte eye shadows, sorry to say, as I love that retro, vintage look and they really pop well on the skin. Interesting colours [ I love love love Predator!] and can I suggest you try the nails? I bought DWS and Baptiste and I adore both of them, they last for ages and DWS is a matte, concrete grey that is so unusual!

    • Row says

      Hi Rose!

      I can’t wait to see the counter – they are opening one in my town in 3 weeks time and my favourite make up artist in the world is moving from Nars to be their senior MA – so it’s VERY exciting.

      My first experience with Illamasqua products was fab – second one ok – believe it or not I have 2 more hauls to report back on! But I think I need to see it in person, like yourself, to really feel the brand so I can’t wait to go!

  2. Elizabeth says

    I’ve been waiting for this review! Its coming to Manc?! I’m back home in London for a couple of days so will be popping into selfridges tomorrow to have a browse. I’m loving the lipgloss, I jumped onto the MAC lavender-whip lipstick bandwagon have been wearing it most days with different lip glosses on top to make it a bit more pinker and less 80’s eastern european sex worker but i loveeeeeeeeee it.

  3. Rose says

    I actually live in Newcastle and the word on the street is they are coming here, too!! Can’t wait – get ready for world domination lol. I like to because they celebrate individuality and quirkiness as opposed to the crap that Estee Lauder spew about all looking Gwyneth Paltrow and Liz hurley, so its refreshing!

    And quite possibly the first brand not to use a celebrity face as part of their branding?? I was trying to work this one out the other day…!

    • Row says

      Hi Rose!

      I believe they will be dominating the world! Nope not a celebrity face there just some unusual looking models methinks. I am trying to think of what other brands don’t use celebs…probably Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Shiseido…actually a lot do just use models, it’s Estee Lauder that has the moula to get a lot of the big celebs to model for them!

      Anyway, this will be fun. I’ve had some good hauls with them, now I want the counter EXPERIENCE ! :)

  4. says

    I just did some major damage to my bank account and went to Illamasqua 3x this week.. im happy.. but ouch!!!!!

    Great haul!

    • Row says

      Hi Tali

      Yup yup, I did some major Illamasqua hauling but I have stopped for a bit otherwise its like, painful when you get to the till!

  5. says

    Thanks for sharing!!! I want that purple lippie!! Reminds me SLIGHTLY of MAC’s Ever So Rich Creme Sheen- but better!

    • Row says

      Hey Whitney!

      Its a really different lipstick ! Illamasqua is well worth trying out!