If you have sensitive teeth….

colgate-sensitive-pro-relief-75ml-12812931.jpeg (JPEG Image, 317x400 pixels).jpgNot quite beauty, but if you have sensitive teeth you will know how much it HURTS to eat and drink.

I have a particularly sensitive patch which causes me the worst pain – it shoots through my tooth and makes my entire head ache for a few minutes if I eat anything remotely hot or cold.

Anyway, this toothpaste, Colgate Pro Relief that I bought 2 months ago is the answer.

I used it, ran out of it a day or two ago, used a normal toothpaste and the searing pain came back (it was so bad I nearly gave up my fajita…I forgot how painful it was!).

So I am back on this! I highly recommend it if you have sensitive gnashers it cost me about £3.50 from Boots stores.

After all…a girl has to eat!

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