Idea for Depotted Eyeshadows

So I have got into pressing me pigments lately (badly might I add – I have been mixing the powder with Isopropyl Alcohol then getting my stronger other half to press them for me with a coin) but as you see, mine are all crumbly:

Nevertheless, now that I have a ton of these I need somewhere to put them all! But since I have about 72 to put into palettes…well thats a lot of MAC Palettes. So instead, in my local Paperchase store I found these cute, not too deep boxes which are gift boxes for CD’s:

There’s a pretty pattern on the top too, and it is very sturdy, splashproof etc. Inside this one I put my mini bourjois eyeshadows, and rather than stick them down to the box, I put the little piece of plastic that came with them in the box and it fit perfectly:

But at £1.50, I will be buying more of these to use as palettes, and buying some magnetic strips to make them a bit neater. There is a larger size, DVD box – you can have a peruse here. I am sure that if you don’t have a Paperchase near you, you will still be able to find CD and DVD gift boxes where you are – its just a cheap and funky way of storing depotted eyeshadows!

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