I went to Lush for a free magazine and left with all this…

I popped into Lush yesterday to pick up a free magazine for my work colleague and ended up picking 6 new skincare/haircare items. D’oh!

I’ve noticed the stores now have a new look – it’s cleaner, I guess a little more commercial but quite nice to browse in. Is it me or does it stink less? I didn’t have to hold me breath anyway!

Here is my ‘accidental’ haul:


Ocean Salt Face Scrub (why?! There’s no way my sensitive skin will like this! Still, what a lovely shade of clue!):


Because my skin is soooooooo delicate at the moment I bought 3 items from Lush that are suited to sensitive skin:

Angels on Bare Skin (bought this years ago when it was still sold like a piece of sushi. Didn’t like it then, willing to try again):


Eau Roma Water (was going to buy Nars Toner but its £27 so I decided to try this instead – this entire haul only cost a little more than that!):


Celestial Face Cream (unfragranced, seems quite hydrating too):


My scalp is also sensitive and sore so I bought…

Their new Stimulating Spice Shampoo (contains Cinnamon leaf, love and peppermint oils – hello, the smell of Christmas?! Anyway, it’s good for irritated scalps so that’s great for me even though I don’t like Shampoo bars much):


Snake Oil Scalp Treatment Bar (great of irritated scalps and flaky dry ones too – peppermint, lavender and tea tree kills soothes and kills off bad bacteria. Wonder how easy this will be to use?! Hmmm):


So that was my ‘accidental’ haul of the day, whoops. I can’t wait to try out the skincare stuff especially, it could do with some TLC.

What products do you like from Lush?

Oooh incase you are interested, I have a tutorial on how to make a facial cleanser like the now discontinued Sweet Japanese Girl bar.

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  1. baby in a corner says

    i hated that angel’s on bare skin stuff – it was like rubbing ground up rubber on your face, didn’t feel like a cleanser at all! the face creams are meant to be good. i’ve used the shampoo bars and they are actually surprisingly foaming and do a good job of cleaning your hair! i did feel like the one i used was a wee bit stripping though

  2. Harpreet says

    Can you please do a review on the Snake Oil Scalp Treatment Bar. I also have a flaky dry scalp, and it would be great to know if this worked!

  3. says

    That rose water toner is really nice. I bought the Neal’s Yard rose water and the Lush one is definitely much nicer!

    • Row says

      Hi Conny

      Been using it for a week and I LOVE it smells amazing which shocked me as I hate lavender!

  4. says

    Aren’t surprise hauls fun and terrifying at the same time? X3

    That Angels stuff looks reaaally weird, but I imagine I would be tricked into trying it because the name sounds cool to me.

    Never used a shampoo bar before…looks interesting.

    • Row says

      Hi Lenna

      Hmm the angels stuff – is ok. I’ll review it later

      I don’t like shampoo bars but I’ll give it a go! Its like soaping your head!

  5. Vicky says

    I love their cuticule cream Lemony Flutter! It’s awesome.
    I have tried a sample of their Marylin mask for my hair because it’s really thin and dry, even thought Marylin is supposed to be for blonds that want to get lighter hair! It worked good but i don’t have a lush where i live and I wasn’t ready to commit 19$ towards only 6 uses…

    • Row says

      Hehe well Vicky I saw one of their prewash things, I was going to buy until it said that it was ONE POT for long hair! It’s like £6 – no thanks!

  6. Galen says

    I like the Snake Oil bar for a treatment when my scalp is flaking like crazy.

    You can melt it in your hands and rub into your scalp but I’m too lazy so I cut a wee bit off with a knife, stick it in a wee bowl and microwave it until it melts. WAY easier to apply to my scalp when it’s already liquid, and the rest of the bar doesn’t end up looking sorry for itself…

    • Row says


      That is a BRILLIANT tip. I will melt it, because I don’t like rubbing anything too waxy on my scalp!

      hmmm I want to come up with my own recipie now!