I Want This Alert: Creer Beaute and BANDAI Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Moon Shining Powder

I actually found this amazing powder after seeing some Limited Edition eyeliners released by Creer Beaute (more on this brand here) – I liked Sailor Moon a lot as a kid and watched the shows on VHS! Then I saw this powder released by Bandai – it’s limited edition and so so so cool. If you like Sailor Moon. If you don’t then it’s just a weird plastic pink compact.

Miracle Romance Moon Shining Powder

The powder has a lightly pearlised finish and with slight glittery pink tone (it looks cool, see picture below). 

Bandai R Miracle Romance Sailor Moon Powder Foundation Cosmetics 20 Anniversary | eBay 1

If you ever watched Sailor Moon then you’ll know that this is practically a LIFE SIZED PROP I WANT IT SO MUCH. 

Released in October 2013, this worked out at about $40 but unfortunately, it is now on eBay for around $150! As much as I want it, I can’t go for a mark up that big, especially as I won’t have the heart to use it. Plus I don’t like glittery face powder. 

This is the theme tune I used to listen to over and over again – if you know what I am talking about then wave your hands in the air like you aren’t in your 30s, yo!

It’s the Friday before Christmas everyone! x

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  1. Lolly Lionheart says

    Oh my god, I want that compact too!! I LOVED Sailor Moon, I used to watch it on tv as a *cough*big*cough* kid, and I was always so annoyed how they used to just repeat the “first season” (or at least it got to a certain point and then repeated itself.. over…and over..and over again etc.)

    I can’t afford to spend that much on it either, but my word is it beautiful 😀