I think I know….

Noooo! Raef!!!!

No that Mr Earl Grey himself has been kicked out, I have lost all hope. I mean who the hell are we left with?

Lucinda –

I quite like Lucinda and her weird twisty neck, but she is too negative too whiny.

Lee –

Urgh can’t stand him – tried to be noble but is actually quite thick and reminds me of a third division football player.

Michael –

Goes without saying he’s like a cat with nine lives but he’s tainted goods, he won’t win now. Like all the other hotheads before him, he cannot win – Sir Alan likes pussy cats he can push around.

Helene –

This woman as a face like a slapped backside. She hardly does anything and why she didn’t get fired for choosing coloured wedding dresses last week is beyond me.

Alex –

Of all of the candidates, I hate him and his smarmy know it all face the most. Get that tougue out of your cheek and get a haircut, you hippy.

Which….quite frighteningly…means…that…we…are left with….

Tubby Claire with her bizzare thumper the rabbit tooth –

Gracious as always –

I have a odd feeling the Claire is the one. I know for a FACT that she is already working for Sir Alan, but I know that sometimes he hires runner ups too. But considering how poor the candidates left are, I wouldn’t be surprised if she won. She has actually been strong in the last few weeks and spoke sense in the tissue box challenge.

My problem with Claire is that she loves to watch others crumble. She’s like Angelica from Rugrats – she likes to push you to the edge and loves to watch you fall apart. When she’s the team leader she gives it her all – when it is someone else, she would rather watch the whole team fail than help out – as long as she isn’t accountable she doesn’t care. That is my problem with her. And the fact she waddles.

What do you think? Claire to win? I can’t stand any of them. I say bring back Raef!

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  1. Chica says

    Oh lordy @ that photo of Claire

    I think Claire will win too, if Michael wins i will hunt Sir Alan down and slap him for being so stupid.
    I think Michael is probably the most hideous person on the planet, he should be shot for putting ‘I’m a good little Jewish boy’ on his CV and then saying he didn’t know what kosher is ( I’m Catholic and know for fecks sake ) because he’s half Jewish?!

    I’m sad that Raef was booted :( His amazing dressing gown should have kept him in for at least another week.

  2. Row says

    Hey Chica

    I think any citizen of the multi cultural UK should have an idea of what Kosher means…especially Michael. It was blantently a lie that he didn’t know – it was hilatious. Fancy having a chicken blessed by a Muslim shop keeper when you want a Kosher chicken.

    I loved Jennys expression when Sir alan goes, do you know what kosher means?

    10………9…………8…………7………..6………..5…………4………..3………*no….No I don’t*