I love your hair, Elina

Recently evicted? kicked off? removed? America’s Next Top Model contestant, Elina had a drastic make over, a weave in red:

I loveeeeee it, I loveeeeee it, I loveeeeee it.

Is it ginger? Tell me it isn’t ginger. Now trying to locate a hair dye of a similar colour, but it has to be ok for my delicate little scalp. No doubt I will then spend the following days locating a box of Rusk Eliminate Hair dye remover.

*The boyf has just shouted over thatI shouldn’t be allowed to dye my hair again I change my mind to often. Aren’t you lucky that you lasted this long then, I reply.

I am still reeling over the Laura White debacle on X-Factor.

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  1. says

    She’s not a ‘Ginger Proper’, but (as Eric Cartman would say) a day-walker. Day-walkers are still considered gingers, but have normal looking skin and are immune to the deleterious effects of sunlight. Basically, day-walkers have auburn, rather than bright red, hair.

    If you can stand the constant bullying and the heart-breaking looks of pity, I say: go for it.

  2. Row says

    Pandy! But I loves it! I am aware that it may put me into the daywalker category which is very worrying of course. I am thinking red over dark brown won’t be too extreme?