I love my carbs but this is just…impractical…

I love looking at Strapya World, a rather eccentric shop based in Japan which has lots of cute, weird, funny, useful, useless goodies, (specializing in phone charms but also other bits and pieces.)

Strapya World _ Bread from Strapya Oven-2.jpg

I spotted a cute bread based phone charm range – doughnuts! bun rolls! bagels! danish! and my favourite, white bread!

Strapya World _ Bread from Strapya Oven.jpg

Then I saw that the item is actually true to life size:

Strapya World _ Bread from Strapya Oven-1.jpg

Yep. Throw that Chanel 2.55 in the bin because this phone charm is never going to fit in that baby.

I am trying to think of other uses for this charm – a sponge? Instant cushion? Coaster? Bra Padding? What else?!

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  1. Elle says

    Hahhahah cracks me up!
    I actually saw this kind of phone charms in Asia in miniature size. But true to life size? That’s ridiculous, but oh so hilarious XD
    I def wanna buy one just for the fun of it

  2. Row says

    Hi Bunnie

    I know! I spent hours on Strapya once just looking at all the totally random stuff you can buy – things Ive never even heard of.

  3. Row says

    Hi Elle!

    When I looked I think they are only about $8 usd so not too expensive. They are SOOOOOOOOOO hilarious. I mean LIFE size?! I want a life size Pork Bun please!

    • Row says

      Hey Chica

      That’s very true! But I might as well superglue my phone to my forehead, probably be less embarassing than this slice of bread?!