I love Japonesque Baby! The Cutest Baby Grooming Tools

Being a beauty blogger, it is only natural that Baby Candy has a rather decent looking set of skincare and grooming tools.  And when it comes to accessories and tools, they don’t come cuter than Japonesque baby!

Japonesque Baby is a set of animal themed grooming products for hair, nails and other duties! I have 6 of the goodies here to review.

I love Japonesque Baby The Cutest Baby Grooming Tools

I’ve actually found cutting Baby C’s nails quite a task – he is sensitive to any movement and doesn’t like people playing around too much with his hands!  I’ve tried using different tools but have come to the conclusion that trimmers made specifically for little ones are the best.  And why not a set of high quality tools that will last for years?

1. Kangaroo Nail Scissors and File

This is my favourite tool.  I have never considered using nail scissors – I personally clip mine (never file – I don’t know how to use a file!).  I eventually tried out this on H and it worked a dream – the trimming of the nails was effortless and these snipped them as scissors would cut paper.

With scissors I also found it easier to get further down and trim away – his nails are growing like mine – very rapidly!  So I was doing this every few days.  I also like the cute nail file which is in the ‘pouch’ of the kangaroo! It’s a very soft file which is suitable for baby nails, I found myself using this only if there was a jagged edge.

Japonesque Kangaroo Nail Scissors

2. Monkey Safety Scissors

These are designed to cut bandages and live in a protective case.  Touch wood – Baby C won’t be needing it for that specific purpose but I have been using these to trim down muslin cloths for him (and me!). It’s just a general use useful very sharp set of scissors!

Japonesque Monkey Saftey Scissor

3. Hippo Brush

This hippo brush has soft bristles which are working a treat with Baby C has his hair is so short. He currently has cradle cap so this is working well to help remove any dead skin too before shampooing. I love how it has a ‘lid’ and it’s easy to handle too. Baby C seems to find brushing with this very relaxing.

Japonesque Hippo Brush

4. Penguin Nail Clippers

This is super cute – take off the beak to reveal nail clippers and there is a soft file on the base.

If I’m honest this was the hardest product to use – because obviously I am used the nail clippers in the traditional shape, not shaped like a penguin! It was a bit bulky to hold and I found it harder to see what i was doing which is super important with a baby’s hands. 

This style nail clipper also comes in duck and dolphin styles.

Japonesque Penguin Nail Clipper

5. Crocodile Comb

This is less useful for Baby C at the moment because his hair is so short but as it gets longer, this will be handy! I like that it has rounded teeth so that it doesn’t scrape his delicate scalp and it’s also super cute! this is the cheapest item in the range and I think it’d be a nice gift for a newborn!

Crocodile Comb Japonesque

6. Giraffe Hair Scissors

These scissors are made for cutting baby’s hair. They’re fine blade scissors that are super sharp (I noticed a few of the products had KAI on the blades – they’re a Japanese company and I trust Japanese engineering!). Once again no use for Baby C right now but my aunt used this on my cousin who is long overdue a haircut and they worked effortlessly (have you ever tried cutting hair with kitchen scissors? Cos it sucks). 

Giraffe scissors japonesque

Just for fun, this is Baby H’s cosmetic bag – The Gruffalo! (from Amazon).  I keep this one in his bag, but if I am travelling light, I have a Marc Jacobs wash bag that has his essentials in.


Gruffalo Carry bag

Prices –

Penguin Nail Clipper £15

Kangaroo Nail Scissors £10

Giraffe Hair Scissors £14

Monkey Saftey Scissors £15

Hippo Brush £8

Crocodile Brush £5.50

Gruffalo Bag was around £10 and comes with a wrist purse.


The products from the Japonesque Baby range are by no means cheap, however, they’re really so cute (you are kind of paying for the cuteness!) and high quality – they are very sharp and high quality tools that you can use on yourself. Most people won’t need all these items anyway, probably just a brush and nail clippers.  (For the record, I bought a Tommy Tippee grooming kit for £12 which has everything in it and I prefer the Japonesque products most of the time). 

I smile every time I whip them out to use and think they are addorraabbleeee and I’d recommend them to every cute loving mummy!

See the full range here at HQ Hair or Beauty Bay (I prefer Beauty Bay for the record, HQ hair stuff takes forever to arrive). 

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