I like them thick: Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Super Marker Pen Eye Liner

Kiss Me are such a good Japanese brand and their sub brand Heavy Rotation is even better – they make really nude lip glosses and strong black eyeliner – no holds barred basically (where a lot of other Japanese brands are softer and shimmery).

Heavy Rotation launched a new mascara and a new marker pen liner – I bought both but here is the liner review for you first:


For me, pen liners, especially if they have a slightly bendy tip are the easiest to use. I find it much harder with a liner that has a separate applicator.

My concern with a ‘marker’ liner is that the tip would be too thick and tricky to use. Not so my friends!Here is the guide on the back:


I think it is suggesting you can use it to tightline (use under the lashes) – what do you think?

This liner has a few selling points:

1. Waterproof-ness-ness-ness
2. Liquid liner with continuous flow
3. Hydration (it contains hyaluronic acid)
4. A deep black pigment
5. Removes with warm water

The pen is slick and compact:


The tip is a foam but a firm one without being too stiff. In otherwords it has a bit of give (good) but is not as soft as Lancome Artliner.


Another problem I have with pen liners is that sometimes the ink doesn’t flow evenly. This one has very rich and plentiful ink…it flows evenly and is quite liquid so hopefully it won;t dry out quickly.

You can see here it is quite liquid and takes a second to dry. Once it does it’s like a sharpie – it won’t budge. Also see how black it is:


The line this liner leaves is quite thick in a good way. If can be thinner if you want, but if you want a thin line all the time, try the normal Kiss Me Heroine Make Liquid Liner which is wonderful and does a thinner line.

Otherwise this leaves a glamourous look – I personally love it. And it’s not THAT thick – my crease isn’t that big and you can still see a gap between that area and the rest of my eyelid.


It does come away with warm water and it does stay put through nearly everything.

Any faults ? If you rub your eyes a bit like I do, then you may experience slight flaking. It’s nothing major but it can happen if you have delicate eyes.

Verdict: Fab!

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  1. Jen says

    Oooooh this looks like it could be my HG liner! I prefer thicker liner because of my eyeshape, and I much prefer liners that flake rather than smudge like hell!! Thanks for recommending Row! :)

  2. says

    Ahh.. I prefer thicker liners as I usually draw them thicker anyway. Maybe a sharper wing though. I’ll check this out when I can! ^_^