I hate Primark

Yes I do.

Incase you don’t know what Primark is, its a cheap budget fashion store in the UK.  It used to be naff as hell, but fair play, it now produces a lot of on trend fashion with a quick turnaround and lots and lots of choice.  As a result it is ALWAYS busy.  Example:

Chill out ladies, its only clothes.

Anyway, when Primark first opened in my town, I loved it – I was always in there picking up tops for £5, trousers for £8, socks for £1. The fact is even high street clothes in the UK from say Topshop, Zara, Mango, All Saints, Urban Outfitters aren’t cheap. Affordable sometimes, but not cheap. Primark is cheap.

2 years on, I did a big clothing clear out and lo and behold, there was a whopping 8 full bin bags to give to the charity shop; a lot of them throwaway purchases, clothes that I had bought on a whim, worn once if at all. Clothes that had shrivelled like pickled cabbage after one wash.

Ok, that’s just me right? Indulging a little too much, but go into any Primark and a lot of people are carrying arm full of clothes and accessories; its so cheap it encourages people to buy buy buy. The problem is clothes aren’t so easy to recycle.

Anyway what got me thinking was visiting the store today for some cheap socks. The shop was crowded, as usual full of the most interesting of people. Admit it; Primark attracts the strangest of people, a bit like an Easyjet flight. I’m not being a snob – I mean I may well be one of the oddballs too, but I mean – a woman with her 12 kids? The endless mothers with buggies and screaming brats – the people who look like they’ve escaped from Alcatraz. The woman who looks like she might pee on the floor at any moment. The family who look they might punch you if you bump into them. The woman the size of a manity fighting you for the last size 12. You catch my drift.

Then there’s the blessed sales assistants. God love them, it can’t be easy serving the oddballs but you won’t get a smile from them…well most of the time anyway. They will take their taim even thought he queue is reaching out the door, unless you are trying to pay 10 minisutes before closing time, then just look at them go!

The clothes can be pretty on trend but they quality isn’t great – in that it won’t last many washes. It’s cheap so who cares? Well think of the landfills…

Not to mention the labour? Who makes these clothes?

I know Primark’s not all bad. If you really need a outfit for cheap, basics and things its a good place to shop. If you don’t mind getting some bruises or mixing with the oddest people in the world, its fine. On the other hand, looking at all those bin bags has made me feel guilty; I was Primarkatized. I’m not saying I’ll never shop there again but ultimately I will be investing in better quality, well made pieces that I’ll either treasure and keep or years or wear out!

On a side note, I also hate HQ hair and their stupid delivery pricing system.  £2.50 for the first item then 50p extra for anything else which trust me, adds up.  Shipping should be cheaper or discounted the more you buy, right?  Its not like their items are cheap.

Also, what really grates me is that HQ hair ALWAYS has stuff out of stock but they DON’T represent this on their website.  If you email them first to ask they won’t respond.  You have to wait untill the package arrives to find out on the order note that so and so item is actually out of stock….so by then it might be too late to go out and buy another one – and in my case they charge my card for the whole amount.  They also don’t give you a specific time (ie. Item will be back in stock in 3 days etc.) so essentially I could be waiting for a month.  And I have 0 patience.

HQ Hair should tell you if something is out of stock at the time of ordering right? Or back ordered?  Because god knows I would have gone somewhere else first if I knew.

Weekly moan over. :)

What do you want to moan about?

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  1. Chica says

    Unfortunately there are very few ethical shops on the high street but from a chucking your clothes on a landfill position it is really bad. I go there for T shirts, I love the designs & I keep them til they wear out – I also have bought a few coats from there which have lasted well + hands down the best place for pjamas :oD
    I try to go in and buy the amount I would buy from most shops – 4 or 5 max, the first few times I went in a few years back I bought stupid amounts & ended up giving most of it to charity but since then I’ve calmed it down!

  2. says

    i can not stand primark, to even walk in the shop makes me uncomfortable. its just the thought of shucjh cheap clothes and the thought of what people would think, you would look poor, stupid and no fasion sense at all.

    i guess you can say i have a fobia to looking good, no im not gay just like to look good 😉 haha

    so cheap is offensive to me and i wish all primark stores are closed and ask people if they cant affort GREAT clothes that are worth the money you hand over, go to new look or a shop that sells the rejected clothes that other shops don’t want, t.k.max

    • Row says

      I like the conceapt of the store! I still go in there sometimes, especially for a cheap bargain, but I think that the store is an utter nightmare to shop in and the clothes do not last…