I got my hair did! Massato London Hair Salon Review

Now that Baby H is approaching the grand old age of one, I have started to catch my breath slightly, and actually think about things like – How do I look? Am I scaring small children?  Does the postman have nightmares?  The answer was ‘possibly’ so off I went for some quick grooming. 

Now – nothing feels better and makes you look better than a good hair cut.  As a busy mum, my hair is pretty clean (I have a no tolerance policy to greasy hair) but it’s also straggly, a bit shaggy, and tragically, had a unfortunate dye job from the last hair do I had months ago (failed Ombre – again). On a day trip to London I visited the very chic Massato hair salon in South Kensington. 

Massato Paris

The look and feel of the salon is minimalistic and modern – in fact I walked past it at first not realising it was there, then looked like a real ‘Northerner on a day trip’, as I used my Google maps like a compass.

Before we begin let me tell you just a little about Massato – a Japanese hairdresser who was trained in Paris having arrived in 1975 with only a Hairdresser’s Graduation Diploma in his hands – his talent meant he quickly ended up working with big models, photographers, magazines and stylists.  So he decided to conquer the city and he did (3 salon openings in Paris, one in Tokyo), and now, one in London.

Massato 2

I don’t love any one hairdresser. Certainly where I live, I am loyal to no salon because there’s never been a place where I felt really listened to what I wanted or was exceptional in any way.  Sometimes when you go to a hairdressers it feels like you’re essentially part of a production line (remember Super Cuts? Where you basically turned up whenever you wanted and waited in a queue?) and no matter what you say you want, the cut is going to basically end up the same.  In my case, it’s always long with a few layers. 

Massato is very much a salon which makes you very much cared for and listened to. I don’t think this is at all because I visited as a blogger – it was quite clear to me that they spend considerable time and care on their clients. 

My stylist was the effortlessly chic and handsome Tarik, with a perfect quiff; he talked to me in a passionate yet understated none gushy way that only French people can, about Massato, the salon and the man.

Tarik asked me what I wanted, and said he would then give me my opinion.  I said – anything. As long as it’s something easy to manage and style, I could cope.  

He then told me that he would cut of ends, and give me a cut that I could air dry (hurrah) or style with just a few products – very little effort. That is the philosophy of Massato – to create hair cuts that don’t just look good when you leave the salon but are fit for your lifestyle and needs.


Massato 1

The decor of the salon is pleasing, and quite intimate.  There’s no one called Epionee hanging around in the background screeching over the hair wash; in fact I felt the salon had a Japanese feel, in that it was very calming and zen like.  

I must mention the hair wash, which is situated in the basement.  That was quite a hair wash- I frequently complain about how poor salons can be when washing hair, leaving shampoo and conditioner in there.  I personally like my hair to feel really clean and the product to be rinsed out properly.  

There was no rushing at all with this hair wash which was very through (add a bit of water, massage, add more water, massage etc.), with a nice head massage thrown in.  It was nice touch and really relaxing. 

So then, we did the cut.  Tarik chopped away and I felt completely relaxed…there was no ‘where is this going!’ even though quite a bit of hair came off…I completely trusted his vision.  Tarik explained to me how he had trained directly under Massato and that the training at the company never ends and is extremely frequent, regardless of a stylists position – Massato himself trains every one. He also pointed out that a good cut – a real good cut – wouldn’t need to be dealt with again so quickly and would last 3 months or so. 

By the time Tarik had finished my hair was almost dry.  With minimal product and some drying I left would neat and bouncy here. 

Here’s me extremely tired:

Massato Hair Cut

I would describe this hair cut s one of the most ‘realistic’ hair cuts I’ve had – ever – as in, it looked great but it was ‘real’.  I could see exactly what I would be left with once I got home and had a wash, I could see what I could do with it and it was like natural hair but better rather than the usual over the top dos that are impossible to replicate.   

I would describe the salon experience as very relaxing, very calming and worry free.  Would I return to Massato and Tarik when I am next in town with no hesitation.

Womens cuts are from £90.  Full price list is on the Massato website.

Salon Info:


020 3620 6183


*Complimentary Treatment 
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    I like it! It really suits you!!!
    But..isn’t it expensive? Here in Italy, in my town, a hair cut is like 30€ and to me, it’s superexpensive!!!