I finished something!

I know, give me a medal.

But seriously if you have as much make up as me, finished something deserves a pat on the back. And here it is:

It’s the RMK creamy foundation in shade 103. Bought this a long time ago.

The RMK bases are really nice, fresh bases that are very recommended. However, I won’t be rushing out to replace it since I have a Nars Lifting Foundation to start using properly – perfect for winter as it gives a perfect kind of finish, and Armani’s Face Fabric to use if my skin ever improves.


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  1. says

    haha I know what you mean. I don’t think I’ll ever finish any of my makeup within the next couple years…more likely they’ll go bad before I even use up half (the lip and cream products that is).

  2. Row says

    Hi Blu

    Yep – I am so sure my cream products will go bad if I don’t finish them in the next year or so! lipglosses are the worst for sure but I rotate my products so much that I never finish anything. Base is easier to use up :/