I can’t decide if this turns me on or not…


This song is X-Rated, lots of swearing, but it is the best thing I have ever heard since Amazing Grace:

You know I love the Bale. However, on the set of Terminator: Salvation, he lost his rag with the Director or Photography. Big time. Listen Here.

Obviously he’s a douche, he has a filthy temper and was a complete asshole to his collegue but…mmmm. It’s slightly American Psycho-ish. It’s slightly…sexy.

Head examined? Moi?!

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  1. Medina says

    normal human reaction, you go Bale for all of us who can’t afford to do it. I can see the appeal… there’s something very sexy about men roaring angrily, I love it when my hubby loses his temper (with other people)

    • Row says

      Hey Medina

      I am sure we would all like to go mental sometimes…oh wait, sometimes I do. Rarely though. As long as he’s not a homicidal maniac then a bit of anger is good, shows your human (not justifying Bale though, his little tirade seemed excessive). The other half lost his rag big time once, road rage, wound down the window, had words. Thing is in Britan most people are passive agressive, all talk no action so when you actually say to someone, what the hell are you doing? they just crumble into the little plebs that they are….

  2. says

    I like a man with a sense of humor!

    I never quite understood the whole ‘Christian Bale’ thing until I heard this tirade. For the first 3rd of it, I was turned on to no end, but after that it seemed rather douchey/funny/frightening.

    Didn’t he verbally assault his mother and sister within a few days of this tirade? Sexy!

    • Row says

      HI Pandy

      Yeah he apparently screamed at them and may have shoved them a bit? I dunno though. Some mothers and sisters do completely deserve a shove though!

  3. Li says

    The other thing is, that picture you’ve put up in this post, he must have practiced that ‘look’ in-front of the mirror to know how effective it was, there’s a very unsavoury vanity to that.

    • Row says

      Hey Li!

      I guess an actor though needs to practise how they look in a mirror etc. to see how they look on screen – bit like models…

  4. Ana says

    LOL!! I just heard Bale roaring on YouTube a few hours ago and I thought “omg, he is out of his mind…. but somehow it makes him even more sexy”. I thought I was the only one, totally out of my mind myself, to find it quiiiiiite attractive. And now I read your post lol!

    By the way, I’ve been reading your blog for some time and I really like it 😉

    Cheers from a brazilian make-up addicted!

  5. Zereen says

    He’s an absolute nutter! Speaking of nutters, why is Jeremy Clarkson still employed by the BBC (at our expense) after his tirade (not his first either) and Carole Thatcher loses her job for something saud outside the public arena!
    Tirade over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Row says

      Hey Zereen! He is a nutter, true. Jeremy Clarkson has been really doing my head in :o/ He needs to be taken down a peg or two.