I can’t bear her, I can’t bear her, I can’t bear her

I am entitled to my opinion, ok, and I cannot stand Alexandra Burke from X Factor.

She is going to win of course because whilst Eoghogoaogohohon had to sing with Boyzone and JLS sang with Westlife, Alexandra got to sing with only the goddess herself, Beyonce (who looked like she needed some lipstick).

No, no who are we kidding. She’s the most talented of the few that are left, for sure. I just can’t stand her fake tears and her smug “Can I just thank the public…..” “I love you Cheryl” blah blah.

Shut. up. Your not Leona just yet.


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  1. Hmmm I couldn’t cope with the crying, but the crunch? On Xtra Factor when, post-win, she told Holly Willoughby to call her baby Alexandra or Alex! Even Cheryl winced at that one

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