I bought it on eBay: Lulu Guinness Make Up Bag!

I don’t really use eBay for auction purchases any more, but I spotted a cute Lulu Guinness Make Up Bag (always wanted one but they cost £55) so thought I’d try to bid for it. I won!

It came in the original box!


The seller said there was a small watermark on it but it’s barely visible! Yay!

And how much did I win it for?….A mere £8 plus a few quid for shipping! It’s this hot pink number:


It says Powder Your Nose on it and it’s a great size for a day to day make up bag! I now have 3 day to day bags, one to keep in my weekend bag, one to keep in my day bag and one I keep at the side for emergencies!

What is your day to day make up bag like?

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  1. Alexandra says

    Wow thats a bargain :)
    I have loads of makeup bags, but my current day to day bag im using is a Victoria Secret one,thats quite roomy. Bought off ebay of course.

  2. beautydiarist says

    Fab bargain – my makeup bag is more like a makeup shelf which spills over into various freebie bag with purchase from various companies or magazines. If I am on the go I just shove it in my Kipling bag. I am envious, this is very pretty. Jan x

  3. says

    That is super cute! I’m a bit of a makeup bag hoarder, I just feel like I can never have enough! I see a cute one and I’m like ‘oh, that would be perfect for sleepovers’ ‘I need this one for when I use my mid-size/large/tiny clutch’. I think I have more makeup bags than actual purses!

    • Row says

      Hi Aseya

      me too! I love Lulu Guiness and Anya Hindmarch make up bags but I have too many as it is :( I have 4 that are prepacked!

  4. JenT says

    I’ve actually just changed my day-to-day makeup bag, I’ve tried to downsize, so now everything I need for retouching during the day fits into a small cream patent quilted zip-bag with a cute black bow…best of all it was only from Primark for something daft like £1.50!

  5. Alexandra says

    Its very annoying and works out very expensive when you order off the
    Victoria Secret website. I got charged vat and royal mail charged me £ 8.00 on top of that for the privalage of them picking my parcel up from customs.
    Cant wait to next year when we finally get a store in London :)