Hypothetical Palette Talk: If you could have any colours….

I just lurrrveeee palettes and sticking everything into a palette.  Check out my Unii!

I think I have this idea that one day there will be a huge disaster, like an explosion in a marshmallow factory and I’ll be stuck (literally) on a bus or something.  Then I’ll be able to whip out my all in one palette and have perfectly co-ordinated colours, even if we are all starving to death and being suffocated by bright pink flump.

My palette style is, huge compact with as much variety as possible. I am not very sensible when choosing colours, I go with my heart rather than obvious choices.  Choices, choices…

Cat too much choice

I am hoping to get my paws on a 12 pan palette and I have been browsing a site to see what colours appeal to me.  Without a doubt with as much choice as 12, I need to have my favourites, a blue, a green and a black in there.  I need to have basic shades I can use with all the colours like a base colour, possibly a sparkly white for evening looks.

Everyone says I suit purple, so I need to have a purple and so I can use it as a blush a pink.  That’s 7 colours….I need your help here!

So I have down:

Matte Black

Rich Peacock Green

Metallic Ocean Blue

Matte Rich Violet Purple

Soft Baby Pink


Sparkly White

Metallic Taupe

Chocolate Brown

Cork Brown

Yellow Gold

My question to you is this….

I am missing one more colour. Am I missing something? What is the colour I am missing?

You can be as specific as you like, the range I am thinking of has a vast range of colours.

Or am I going the wrong way about this colour combination? Have I set myself up for a palette fit for Ronald McDonald (note: this will cost me £££ so it has to be good!).

Or here’s another question – if it was you and you could pick 12 shades of eyeshadow to keep you going in a marshmallow factory explosion, what would they be???

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  1. says

    Some sort of lovely melony colour? Something like UD’s X/Muchness – such a versatile but beautiful colour that can be transformed from easy day wear to a bit more glam and jujjy at night :)

    • Row says

      Hi Emily

      Melony…oh yes there used to be a MAC pigment called melon which was very pretty!

  2. Emilyjane says

    I’m old enough and sensible enough to take three matte browns of different intensities for shading and to mix for brows, a deep cream, for a base colour, a peach for a simple wash of colour, a champagne satin for highlighting of brow and cheekbones and deep brown and black for intense shading and lining, shimmery taupe, MAC club, a satin pink and a teal to add a few more creative possibilities. I know this because this is what I’ve happily got my collection down to, I love them all but know anything else wouldn’t be any use as I know what I can get away with (no gray, purple or gold), and eye makeup is not my first love…I couldn’t choose 12 lipsticks!

    What I’ve learned over the years is that

    • Row says

      Hi emilyjane

      Hmmm sounds really lovely!!! Your palette would be a keeper I think! My first love is eye make up although I do like lip products I can take or leave them. I am still looking for the ‘ultimate’ palette I can just take anywhere with me!

  3. emilyjane says

    oops…I was going to finish by saying go for it Row, Ronald McDonald be damned, wear what you can while you can!

    • Row says

      Hi Toyboys

      No it’s not it’s an Asian brand :) I have a Inglot palette, it’s impressive but I choose some really odd shades!

  4. says

    Hm, I don’t really know what to suggest. I’m bad at suggestions. D: Maybe a sparkly champagne color or a gunmetal grey?

    For my own 12 colors, I’d probably go with: matte black, shimmery champagne (i.e. Stila’s Kitten), gunmetal grey, dark metallic blue, dark metallic green, olive green, medium shimmery blue, metallic taupe, metallic medium brown, metallic dark brown, dark reddish-purple, a metallic light blue-green.

    • Row says

      Hi Strawberry
      I was thinking a gunmetal grey too – I don’t know why but I am naturally drawn to greys and metallics.

      I love your choices! You love metallics too. When I first collected Shu Uemura all my shadows were metallic.