Hugh & Holly are no more

So word on the street says that Hugh dirty old man Hefner has dumped his favourite gold digger, Holly Madison. Or it might have been the other way around? Rumours has it that Holly was/is sleeping with Criss Angel *belch*.

From : Good Plastic

I always had a horrid feeling Hef would give her a little baby before he kicked the bucket seeing as he is about a million years old – but clearly he isn’t that dumb. Holly, you had it good with Hugh even without babies and marriage – you live in a big house, endless reams of cash and live in chefs, cleaners, etc. etc. etc. I’d have waited till he dropped dead and left me a nice inheritance – that’s if I was the type of gal who would be girlfriend 1 of 3 and dated octogenarians.

Who will replace Holly? Will the other girls leave? I have given up on true, gold diggin’ love after this.

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  1. says

    Like hef cares, he’s glad he doesn’t have to listen to the babynagging anymore hehe
    I doubt if Chriss Angel will give her babies…i wouldn’t want to if i was in here place he’s such a freak Oo

    And how much can you change in five years??

  2. says

    I think Holly’s relative childlessness owes less to Hef’s shrewdness and than to the fact that (at this point) his spunk probably comes out in powdered form; Holly’d have to reconstitute it if she hopes to conceive.

    Bridget was always my favorite.

  3. Row says

    Hey Makeup Fairy

    Ain’t it the truth – Hef is the original Man Ho. Criss Angel can only watch and learn

  4. Row says

    Mandy – you did not just say that. You didn’t. *imagines powdered sperm* hey you could sell that in supermarkets, next to Custard Powder.