HQ Hair are crap, crap, crap

Because shopping online isn’t stressful enough, HQ Hair makes it much worse.  Despite the fact it is a pretty large company with a strong online presence, HQ Hair has never, ever ever ever had outstanding – or even good customer service.

Well I am seriously annoyed this time.  I have been waiting and waiting for Nars Blade Runner Duo.  Silly me, I ordered it from them because there was absolutely no indication on the site that it was out of stock.  Sure enough, as has happened before, it wasn’t with my other purchases when it arrived.

So I emailed and emailed – please can I have an arrival date, please can I have a back in stock date.  No response.  Do we still live in times when staff can just point blank ignore you?  Even if they are as BIG as HQ Hair.  Yup.

So I resort to phoning – they don’t answer their UK number and if you call their “outside of the UK” number, they pick up the phone (you can hear muttering) then hang up.  Seriously.  Everyone should try it, it’s good if you need to get steamed up for something like, errrr, arguing with a friend;

Telephone Line

0870 350 2390

Dialling from outside UK +44 20 7540 4100

Monday – Friday 9.30 – 5.30

Anyway here’s the email I sent to them:

Since no one responds to emails or answers the phone I will ask you politely to give me a delivery date for the Blade Runner Duo by Nars that is on back order, please, or refund the amount you have charged me for it and cancel the order (but you will need to confirm you have done this to me so I am not left guessing).  Otherwise I will contact my card company and tell them you have taken money for goods not received, and trading standards that you are advertising goods as in stock when infact it aren’t , and also for not being contactable (if I don’t get a response to this I will log every email sent and call that I make – by the way, it’s extremely rude to put the phone down on the customer after picking it up first).


I sound like a crazy old woman with 5 cats….oh wait, that’s me.

Seriously now, I need to stop buying anything from HQ Hair – they don’t actually have that much stuff anymore that can’t be found with a little dig around Selfridges and the bigger department stores. They don’t appear to have any proper system in place for answering calls or dealing with PROBLEMS. Which is what online shopping has been giving me lately, problems, problems, problem.

What a way to start a Tuesday!

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  1. Medina says

    Lol! I must have rung right after they read your email cause I had an instant phone answering and an apologetic “oh, you called about this out of stock item before… shall i refund you right away?” Generally, I agree with you, some of the girls there can be a bit on a rude side and they never tell you that the stuff is out of stock, they just kind of go “it might have been dispatched separately from other items”. Couple of years ago they used to be good for stuff not available else where, etc and their customer service was more efficient when they were new-er, now pretty much lost momentum.

  2. Row says

    Hey Medina!

    NO WAY! I tried calling once more and no one picked it up (around 2pm) then I just gave up cos I’d ran out of energy – I’m glad someone got the benefit of my wrath though! I can’t believe how they run that company sometimes. Its such a good looking site, its well organised etc. but totally totally lacking in the CS

  3. Medina says


    You’re right but it’s awfully hard to find good e-tailer generally. I used to buy Espa products at a discount from a company based in Jersey, once out of interest dialled their customer services number (there wasn’t a problem, I was just curious) turns out the company is made up of one OAP. :-) They had a sleek website too. You just can’t tell these days.